Indic TeenFest

Don’t miss the best chance to spend your summer break in learning new, making friends and exploring yourself.

June 2020

11th to 14th of June, 2020


Day 1



Identifying yourself: demystifying culture

Sexual Responsibility and Freedom

Experiencing Ancient Stories

Team building activities

Mantra meditation

Yoga Face-off

Spiritual Concert


Day 2


Career Talks

Take a Break


Creative Workshops

Outdoor Activities

Movie Show and Discussion


Day 3

Morning Sports

Online Security and Fake News

Social Relations and Technology

Preparing for Future Skills


ITF Got Talent

DJ Night


Day 4

Open Mic

IGP Exhibition

Award Ceremony



30 speakers in 4 days

Co-Founder & Dean, Rashtran| Executive Director, Vision India Foundation | IIT Bombay | University of Washington | Indian School of Business |

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Auric

Founder of SoME, School of Meaningful Experiences | IIM Bangalore | IIM Udaipur | Cardiff Metropolitan University  

Identify yourself: demystifying culture

Engage in the interactive lecture by the expert to build your personality and grow as a culturally confident teenager. In the 60-minute lecture, the expert will take you to the journey of your identity while questioning the basic concepts that we believe in today.


Sexual Responsibility and Freedom​

Deep dive into the the crucial session on ‘Sexual Freedom and Responsibility’, in which the expert will pick up topics that are considered taboo in India, but are extremely important, like consent, sex education and teenage pregnancy. 

Experiencing Ancient Stories​

In a one-to-one classroom session, engage with the experts and deepen your understanding of the ancient stories through role-play and other activities. The session will be conducted by 4 experts with 50 students each.


Team building activities​

Knowing one’s weaknesses and strengths help us to build the team that can compliment with each other to create an impact that is long-lasting. Through these activities, engage with your peers in fun ways and learn to work together while growing with each other.

Mantra meditation

The long-known best form to meditate. Sit in silence, remove the clutter, grow your concentration, discover new ideas and come out with peace. 

Close up woman practicing lotus position meditation with hand in gyan mudra in yoga class

Yoga Face-off​

Pick up a challenge and do the maximum surya namaskar to come out as a winner. Improve your physical fitness, grow your internal wellbeing. 

Spiritual Concert​

Experience a new form of concert. Energise yourself with songs, prayers and  a unique form of a spiritual power.

isha center


Run for a cause. In a 5 km morning marathon, develop your physical fitness and relieve yourself with negative emotions.

Career Talks​

Know the story of 10 experts and their journey in a career. From environmentalist to a data analyst, there will be experts from different fields, sharing their work, life and much more.


Take a Break​

The expert will be emphasizing on the importance of being comfortable with oneself. The delegates will learn to take a break before mugging up regular syllabus and rather build a room for their self-discovery, confidence, growth and failures.


Multiple competitions to grow your creative streak. Team-up with your peers, answer quiz questions, become the Spell bee, speak Extempore, act Nukkad Natak, dress the Manequin, debate in an ancient way or draw Graffitti. 


Creative Workshops​

Learn a new skill of photography, writing, film-making or toy-making. Take away your learnings back home and make parents proud.

Outdoor Activities​

Take a break from regular classroom engagement. Come out and immerse yourself in crazy games planned for you to have fun, grow in a team and relax.


Movie Show

Because everyone loves Binge Watching !

Morning Sports​

Play football, basketball; do yoga, swimming, zumba; ride a horse; go for a run. Choose your type and start your day with physical activity. 


Cyber Security and Fake News

With online mediums entering all aspects of lives, it is important to understand the how to be secure from online hackers and know the real content. Engage with the expert and learn unique ways of being safe.

Social Relations and Technology​

Is technology reducing our social involvement or increasing it? Reflect and learn from the expert. 


Preparing for Future Skills​

In every sphere of our lives, technology has made a huge impact. The changing psycho-socio features, show the growing pressure on the young minds to keep learning new.  How do we stay updated? 


Learn, use and create in five-hour long engagement. Robotics, Coding, Design thinking and animation video to develop a solution for the real world problems. 

Working At Computer With Glasses On Desk 1

ITF Got Talent

Showcase your talent, grow your confidence and beat your fears. If you know, how to solve a puzzle or believe in singing, or you write a poetry, bring it on and show the world your skills.


Bid goodbye to your new friends with a promise to meet again. We pause this journey with an exhibition of IGenPlus, followed by an award ceremony to our winners of our competitions and a heartfelt gratitude. 


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