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Study Indic scientific treatise

Learn reasoning to hone scientific inquiry

Course Overview

India’s traditional education system used to have formal training in thorough mastery over language; vocabulary and poetic stories followed by the study of nyaaya (logic) and saankhya shaastras (cosmology). They equipped the students with systematic models to make logical sense of the world from matter to consciousness in one sweep. Their study hones three key skills of scientific thinking, namely, abstraction, classification and inference essential to become a creative scientist. Study of entertaining stories in pleasing, high quality language helps one develop keen aesthetic sense and sensitivity to both nature and fellow beings that is the basis of empathy and ethics. With these key skills, children will be able to create their own scientific understanding of modern subjects instead of cramming theories handed down by others. They will also be ready for formal study of traditional Indic knowledge systems, which are monumental intellectual works with great potential for future application. The Vedic Scientific Thinking Course aims to restore scientific thinking and empathy in an entertaining and fun way based on time-tested Indic wisdom. This is a 1-year online course taught by a renowned young Vedic scholar, Sri J Suryanarayana who is an expert in Nyaaya, Sanskrit language and Indic reasoning and debating skills.

Course Objective

1. Learn model-based reasoning to hone scientific inquiry (abstraction, classification and inference skills) via applied study of nyaaya-vaisheshika shaastra concepts (tarka sangraha).
2.Take them into discovery of science, logic, wisdom and traditions.

3. Participant Preparedness for shaastra study under an aachaarya to appear for high standard traditional Examination 4 years later.


3 online classes of 1 hour per each every week.

Average of 3 hours of Grha-Kaaryam (Home Work).

50 weeks spread out in the complete year.


  • 40,000 INR / 535 USD for all levels combined or, 
  •  Only L0 – 5000,
  • L1 – 10000, L2-15000 and L3 – 25000

Time Requirement

  • Minimum number of hours = 99
  •  Maximum number of hours = 123
  •  Including occasional holidays and test sessions = 156 @ three 1-hour sessions per week

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Expected Outcomes

The course will open up modern-day child’s mind to assimilate Bhaaratiya traditional scientific knowledge
and train in scientific inquiry systematically.
1. Thorough mastery over Sanskrit language to be able to study Indic scientific treatises formally.
2. Training in model based reasoning essential for any contemporary discipline.
3. Learning how to learn by oneself and be an original thinker.
4. Preparation to take up formal study of Indic shaastras to appear for the famed Tenali pariiksha – the prestigious certification of traditional scholarship.

This course not only makes children converse fluently in Samskrita language, but also prepares them to
later study shaastra texts with certifiable proficiency and apply them in daily life. The focus is to get into the minds of our rishis and imbibe their thinking process. We want to make next generations gurus, who can take applicable concepts from different shastras and make components or full products. And this course is the first gateway for it.


1. For students of age 12 to 17 years old.
2. Aspiring participant must pass an online Sanskrit Language Proficiency (SLP) Basic Test with > 70% score. This tests one’s ability to understand simple colloquial Sanskrit speaking.
It takes 1.5 hours to complete the test -https://lms.vedavaapi.org/
3. There is an optional preparatory online course to help pass SLP Basic Test. It is a 2-month course with pre recorded videos and lots of exercises, quizzes for practice and an exam.
For school children, MIT SVS is offering it at Rs. 1000/- (instead of the regular Rs. 3600/-).
Click on the link below to enrol. Use the coupon code “baala-chhaatrah” at checkout to avail the discount. –


  1. Medium of instruction is English for first two months transitioning to spoken Sanskrit
  2.  Monthly Quiz
  3.  Half-yearly exam
  4. 3 pre-recorded online 1-hour classes per week & one live review class per week

Flow of the Course

Level 0
1 month online asynchronous on Moodle and MIT platform
The fees for the Sanskrit course on the MIT platform has to be paid directly
Both these courses are compulsory
Based on the score of the assessment exam, students will qualify for Level 1

 Level 1
3-month online synchronous learning
Level 2 and Level 3
4-month online synchronous learning

Assessment & Certification

Based on the score of the assessment exam, the student will qualify for the respective level
On the completion of each level, the student will get a certificate and progress to next level 
Weekly assignments + Final Exam after 1 year


The study of Tarka and Vyakarana is essential to know any Science

Comprehending the world through words. Guided study of a Sanskrit Kaavya to gain mastery over language.

Conceptual study of Tarka Sangraha, an entry-level Nyaaya text for scientific categorization
of the world.

Conceptual study of Darshanas, a foundational science which is the basis of Yoga, Bhagavad Gita and Indic wisdom of consciousness and psychology.



commences on 17th of August


commences on 14th of September

LEVEL 2 & 3

dates to be announced

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