Tiny Tale

Write your super short stories


Do you like keeping things short? So this is the right battle for you. We invite participants to write their own short tales. It could be mystery, horror, inspirational or on any genre.
Let your inner writer out today by applying to this competition!

What Do You Get

Letter of Recommendation

Get a LOR from the biggest names in the industry for your career needs.

The Plus Magazine

Start your journey towards fame by featuring in our plus magazine.

Social Media Coverage

Witness the limelight on the social media. 

What And How To Submit

Step 1

Write a short tale in 30-40 words in MS Word with or without a title. Title will not be included in the word limit

Step 2

Add your name, your school and your age at the end of the short tale.

Step 3

Upload it by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ link.

Judgement Criteria

The participants should write a tiny tale which is unique, it should not be easy to assume the ending of the short tale. There should be a catchy ending to the short tale.
For Example: I was going through my photos and I saw a photo of mine sleeping in my room. I live ALONE

General Guidelines

1. This competition is open for students belonging to the age group 11-19 years from all over
2. The entries will be accepted through ONLINE mode only.
3. The short tale should be written in Microsoft word along with the participants’ name.
4. Title is not necessary for the short tale; title will not be included in the world limit of 30-40

6. All the entries should be sent before 10 th May 2020.

7. In case of any queries, write to us on- namaste@igenplus.com.

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