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Quarantine Days Adventure


Are you a natural storyteller or a self-made one? We have got you covered. It is the time when you are inside your home with nothing to do, we bring you the best story writing competition of this year to get your spirits high. Put on your creative hats and grab your magical pen to write a story that will touch hearts and twist minds.

Prompt to be Used

The strange package- ”You are stuck inside your home and you are helping your mother in baking a cake. The doorbell rings and you rush to see who is out there, but it turns out no one is at the door. You notice a small package outside your door with no name and address on it. You also remember not ordering anything online, you are confused as to what to do.”

What Do You Get


Learn from the big names like Dan Brown, Margaret Atwood, Malcolm Gladwell and Shonda Rhimes through a Masterclass worth Rs. 7000.

Write a Book

Get your writings published in a

chapter dedicated for your


The Plus Magazine

Start your journey towards fame by featuring in our plus magazine.

Letter of Recommendation

Get a LOR from the biggest names in the industry for your career needs.

What And How To Submit

Step 1

Write a story using the ‘prompt anywhere in the story’ in not more than 1000 words.

Step 2

You can give your own title to the story or use ‘Strange package’ as the title.

Step 3

Submit the story by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ link to upload the entries.

General Guidelines

1. This competition is open for students belonging to the age group 13-19 years from all over India/abroad.

2. The entries will be accepted through the ONLINE mode only.
3. The prompt for the writing competition is given. This can be used anywhere in the story and will not be included in the total word count. This prompt is to be used as it is, without tampering it or splitting it. Further, it can be used in any sense. Please highlight it in your story when you send it to us. 
4. The medium of the story should be English only. The use of colloquial words or foreign languages should be restricted, unless integral to the story. In such a case, a loose translation should be provided in brackets/footnotes.
5. The total word count of the story should be up to 1000 words (not including the prompt or title or any footnotes). Please adhere to the same strictly. Entries not following this criterion will be disqualified. 

6. All the entries should be sent before 14th April 2020

7. The entries are to be attached to the Google Form in .doc or .docx format only. Any other format will not be accepted.

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