An online course for classes 4-6, designed to improve logical thinking, attention span, and meaningful expression


“A lesson should be relevant to be retained.

Learning is about making meaning of information.”

– J. Milburn

In this age of artificial intelligence, we also need to focus on the expansion of human intelligence. We need to equip the next generation in observing, reflecting, and cultivating healthy habits of the mind. And this process has to start at an early age. At the schooling stage, activities related to reasoning, critical thinking, and argumentation can enrich almost every subject.

This online course follows an engaging methodology to introduce learners to constructing their thoughts and expressing themselves.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the significance of logical thinking.
  • To offer a simple and robust framework for knowledge discovery.
  • To encourage effective oral and written expressions.
  • To inculcate the joy of learning and active participation.
  • To improve attention span, awareness, and engagement in learning.
  • Pedagogy and Activities

    The course modules cover concepts like systematic thinking, active listening, and effective expression of ideas. The application-based format employs innovative tools, including:
    • Observation
    • Reflection
    • Discussion
    • Mentorship
    • Projects
    • Survey
    • Theatre
    • Games
    • Worksheets



    An MBA graduate from Mumbai University, Toral Shah is leading a couple of educational institutions in Hyderabad. Toral strongly believes that children should enjoy learning and employs a variety of innovative teaching methods to make it fun for her students. Recognizing that children need an open platform to voice their ideas and perspectives, she designed CHANAKYA, to foster creativity in students and to inspire them with the story of a legendary teacher who put the welfare of his people first and, along with his students, built one of the first and most powerful empires in the Indian subcontinent.


    Age Group: 9+ years

    Format : Online Classes
    on Zoom

    Course Fee- : INR 2500

    *For early registrants the course fee is INR 499


    Ojuswini, Delegate

    It was a really interesting course. All the sessions were very engaging and enriching. Through this course, I have learned how to express my views more articulately, I have been encouraged to ask questions and I have gained a lot of knowledge about history as well especially the life of Chanakya and so much of his thought process.

    Ekta Goel, Parent

    I was really excited about this course, the name and content itself intrigued me. I am so glad I Made Aarav join this course. Thank you IGenPlus for choosing such a course for the students and the way ma’am related the sessions with them with practical situations in the present world, it has been very enriching for Aarav as well as me. I can see a boost in his confidence, he is asking more questions and giving his insights and perspectives as well.

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