Edition 7 | june 2020

Gender and Sexuality

Through this edition, we have taken a closer look at Gender and Sexuality. An open awareness around the same has become a necessity. So read on to find heartfelt conversations with teenagers, some must-read book recommendations, experts’ take on sexuality, gender practices beyond the binary, about the day of fatherhood, and even a simple redefinition of men and women’s friendship.

Edition 6 | may 2020

Umbrella of Family

In this edition, we are exclusively focusing on something close to our heart, the umbrella of family. With a wide range of quirky articles to suit various fancies, this topic has been approached through zillion ways. From learning the stories of different families, the youth of Kobe Bryant, the importance of Mother’s Day, and engaging in a heartfelt conversation with a mother to triplets, this is a lovely read for one and all. 🙂

Edition 5 | april 2020

Take your potential to exponential

In this edition, we are exclusively focusing on one of our verticals, exponential plus. From learning about the Internet of Things (IoT) to an engaging conversation with MIT Ph.D. postgraduate to delving deep into the noble profession of medical professionals, there’s a lot you would discover.

Edition 4 | March 2020

Go through the creative journey

In this edition, we are exclusively focusing on one of our verticals, creative plus. From learning about design thinking to the interesting tale of the creation of Facebook or delving deep into the creative profession of a chef, there’s a lot the reader would discover.

Edition 3 | February 2020

We help you know your inner-self

Through this edition, we have focussed on one of our foundational principals, Yogi+.  We aspire our readers to be global in their approach and thinking while vehemently being rooted to the soil they derive their nourishment from. This is being Rooted and Free in the truest and fullest sense.

Edition 2 | January 2020

We help you meet
the dreams you see

Through this edition, we hope to cover all aspects related to the concept of GAP Year. Know the stories of people who  found a leap by taking a GAP in their life. 

Edition 1 | December 2019

We help you design
the life you want

Through this avant-garde monthly, we hope to cover all aspects that appeal to teenagers, ranging from interesting articles on food, music, education, and the latest buzzwords to introspective testimonials.

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