The course is aimed at making kids understand how the world is changing and reflect on the big questions of our society that lies beyond technology. Leading in the Future of Work: Skills and Careers for the New Economy Handling Digital Challenges: Personal Travails with Technology Co-creating Indic Futures: Young Leaders for India’s FutureApply now In short, they need to be future-ready. In.Vision is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills to lead in the future

5 hours
5 sessions


Know how Great Global Transformation is disrupting society, economy, careers and life itself and what this means for us.

Digital Marketing

A toolkit of 21st century skills Including future casting, integral thinking, digital hygiene, and reading patterns in a world of overflowing information.


Lead & build impactful careers for the world of tomorrow


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Titiksha Vashist

Research Scholar who works at the intersection of politics, technology and society. She is also Fellow, Vision India Foundation and Editor, The InTech Dispatch. She holds an MA in Politics and International Relations from JNU.

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Shyam Krishnakumar

Policy consultant, editor of the InTech Dispatch. His work focuses on the intersection of emerging technologies, culture and public policy. Prior to this, he co-founded EduSeva Technologies. He regularly writes for The BBC, The New Indian Express, Huffington Post, DNA etc.


A learning platform to empower children for independent problem solving and analysing skills by reading and introspecting Ramayana, Gita and Buddha. The course brings out diverse personality traits, problems and situations. While the children are involved in objective analysis, they discover, understand, recognise and learn emotions, preferences, behaviours, propensities by empathising with the characters involved in the story.

12 hours
12 sessions


A platform to voice their interpretation with confidence, empowering children to question, analyse and craft solutions for various problems

Digital Marketing

Better decision making, problem-solving skills, reasoning and objective analysis through original interpretations.


Exposes children to captivating stories that showcase diverse personality traits, problems and situations and stimulate skills related to Acting, Writing, Leadership and Listening



Roopa Pai

Over 25 published books on subjects as diverse as sci-fi fantasy, popular science, maths, history, economics, life skills and philosophy, she is one of India’s best-known children’s authors. The Gita For Children, listed by Amazon among its list of ‘100 Indian Books ToRead In A Lifetime’.


Yashodeep Deodhar

Yashodeep is graduate in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Mumbai, and PGDBM from IIM Ahmedabad. He previously worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Co and then successfully launched his own company, Derrick Petroleum Services in the Global Oil and Gas industry. He has now devoted himself to the task of researching the original Valmiki Ramayan in Sanskrit and reconnecting today’s youth with the epic and created 21Notes Valmiki Ramayan.


Toral Shah

An MBA graduate from Mumbai University, she leading a couple of educational institutions in Hyderabad. Toral strongly believes that children should enjoy learning and employs a variety of innovative teaching methods to make it fun for her students. Recognising that children need an open platform to voice their ideas and perspectives, she designed DRISHYA, a story-telling based skills building course for children.

Indian Crafts

The course introduces the students to the world of Indian Crafts and familiarise them with crafts of local regions. It will spread awareness about the dying culture of craft & preserve Indian heritage by demonstrating and teaching a number of crafts through artisans. In addition to this, students would also understand the latest trends towards a more conscious and rooted economy.

10 hours
5 sessions


Understand the nationalist movement and Indian Independence followed by the emergence of Indian pride.

Digital Marketing

Know the importance of tribes and different communities. Learn about weaving, wood, painting, pashmina Chikankari, Gond, Beads, Bagh, Warli, sarees, masks, kotpad, ikat, dokra, puppetry, Sujni, Bamboo, Bamboo, silk, Kantha.


Fast forward to today’s time and fast economy and understand the importance of conscious consumerism. Get introduced to crafts, handmade skills and know about the importance of orange economy.



Shanon Sharma

Shonan Sharma is a Young India Fellow, with a deep expertise and passion for Indian Heritage and a professional training in the Indian Classical Odissi Dance. Her immense enthusiasm for Indian Crafts stems from her childhood love for traditional crafts, textiles and weaves of India, which has led her to work as an Executive Assistant to the world renowned designer and scenographer Padma Bhushan Shri RajeevSethi.

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