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Call for Young Poets!


Everyone on this planet has freedom of expression. Some express by speaking, some by art and some by writing. Poems are one of the most beautiful forms of human emotion expression for
everything and anything. IGenPlus calls for all the young aspiring poets to put on their poetic hats and participate in the competition to showcase their unique art of expression. We invite to
send in your poems on “Rooted and Free”, “Patriotism, Education”, “Childhood and growing up” or any other topic of your interest.
Apply today!

What Do You Get

Online Course

An upcoming Online Course with IGenPlus worth Rs.5,000 absolutely free.

Letter of Reccomendation

Get a LoR from the experts to help in your career paths.

The Plus Magazine

Start your journey towards fame by featuring in our plus magazine.

Social Media Coverage

Witness the limelight on the social media. 

What And How To Submit

Step 1

Think of a topic you wish to write a poem on.

Step 2

Write a poem with not more than 15 lines.

Step 3

Upload it by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ link.

Judgement Criteria

The participants will be judged on the following criteria:
1) Their writing skills
2) The essence that comes out from the poem
Quick tip- Select a topic that you have truly inspired and motivated by ie. something that you truly feel for.

General Guidelines

1. This competition is open for students belonging to the age group 11-19 years from all over India/abroad.
2. The entries will be accepted through ONLINE mode only.
3. The poem can be handwritten and sent by clicking a picture or in a word/pdf file.
4. The poem should not exceed 15 lines.
5. Poems copied from any source would be disqualified on the grounds of Plagiarism
6. All the entries should be sent before 14th June 2020.
7. In case of any queries, write to us on- namaste@igenplus.com.

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