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The Plus Program is a unique non-residential part-time program for high-school students who wish to create a unique career by unlocking their own potential.  Education for a generation- that finds itself immersed in an increasingly complex world, demands trans-disciplinary 21st-century  skills fused with ancient wisdom, to face any challenges posed by the future.


Designed under the attributes of Yogi, Creativity and Exponential thinking, the Plus program through Onsite Lectures, Online learning modules, Workshops, and Field visits shall give the students the opportunity to discover their aptitude and passion, build on their creative skills, nurture them to become non-linear and trans-disciplinary thinkers, immerse them in cultural and social experiences.


Students will not just be exposed to a variety of career paths but also will be steered towards building themselves once they have sufficient understanding of their chosen field.

  • They shall have the opportunity to gain a number of skills ranging across their field of curiosity. They shall acquire ancient wisdom needed to take up moral dilemmas of the future, along with the skills and insights needed to create a value-based society.







Program Details

Foundational Courses

The Plus Program’s foundation rests on two of its modules namely Civilizational wisdom and Self-Authoring that shall run parallely throughout the 11 months in order to impart ancient wisdom of the past and enable the students to Self-Author their career personalities for the future.

Core Courses

The programs central aspect are the Core courses. Each core course shall run for a month. The medium of learning will be through Onsite Lectures, Online modules, Workshops, and Field visits. 


To equip the students with skills needed to create a job and contribute meaningfully towards society, the Plus Program offers 8 Skill-Electives. 

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