How to help your children control their phone addiction?

1 July, 2019

In this world of technology, young kids are becoming victims to phone addiction quicker than ever. Video games, social media, hundreds of apps, are clutching their life’s precious time, their span of attention and an active lifestyle. It is often a heart-aching sight to watch your kids engrossed in their phones and screens so much that they become ignorant to so much life around them. We’re here with these following ways to curb their phone addiction. See, what works for you! 

Set an example:

Young kids are still impressionable to observe and imbibe their parents’ habits and lifestyle. If you want your kids to not get addicted to any screen devices, you should set an example of an active lifestyle and spending lesser time on your phone first. 

Involve them in your activities:

As difficult as it may sound, you got to involve the children in your household or other activities, even if they or you are not so willing. This gives them a break from their screen time and will give their body and mind some stimulation.

Set family rules:

Setting family rules and following them instils some discipline. When children nag, it’s easy to slip into letting them spend hours and hours playing on a mobile device. But there would be no room for manoeuvre if you state the limits and rules calmly.

Healthy communication:

Many kids tend to start getting addicted to their phones when they feel neglected, bored or find no one to communicate. Giving enough time to your kids, listening and sharing about various things daily, help them maintain the right balance between their screen time and real life.

Family fun time:

Spending quality time is very important to keep your kids interested in activities outside their phone life. Taking them out to new places, taking swimming classes together, reading different books, playing some engaging games, planning a birthday together, do whatever works for you and your family.
All of this might demand a lot from your schedule and energy. Letting your kids play with mobile devices and earning a little well earned rest is, thus okay. As long as we can teach our kids to use mobile phones sensibly, as long as we give attention to finding the right balance between real life and cell phone addiction, everything is going to be fine.
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