Missile Man (Movie Review)

8 July, 2020

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Cast: B. Prabhas, Sumit Khanna, Rohit Mishra, Amit Tiwari

Direction: S. Bhattacharya

Duration: 1hr 53min

  1. Bhattacharya cashes in on the box-office with yet another hit ‘Missile Man’. The movie strictly adheres to the plot of the book, ‘The Journey of My Life’, an autobiography by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, which was released four years prior to the movie.

              This movie marks the fourth biopic blockbuster delivered by S. Bhattacharya in collaboration with Goldmine Telefilms and has been simultaneously released in four languages: Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu, making it accessible to a wider audience, not only in India but in foreign nations too.

               Although the book is divided into chapters, the movie is a smooth runthrough with no sudden lapses whatsoever. The movie opens in a small town of Rameswaram with little Avul waiting for the local train to drop his daily burden of newspapers and follows the protagonist to him building boats to help his father make a livelihood, studying hard to make his way in DRDO, renovate ISRO and finally making his way to become the 12th President of India.

               The movie enthrals the hearts of all-the young and the old, the shy and the bold, the Netflix lovers and the bibliophiles. If you worship Dr. Kalam as your idol, this movie is the ideal fit for you.

           The movie makes your emotions flutter- the plaintive cries, the maddening giggles, heart-wrenching shocks, the tranquilizing peace and what not! You would not want to leave your seats for even a minute. Keeping the first half as steady as the second, the movie maintains a serene equilibrium, mildly hinting at its setting in the calm coast of Rameswaram.

           So, grab a tub of popcorn and book the tickets of the next show available-you’ll love it!