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How safe and secure is the lodging?

The lodging is planned in proper hotels and guest houses by the experts of Kamalan Travels. It will be a perfect home away from home, a place to relax, the gathering place for meals, and a sanctuary for reflection after busy days. Delegates room together on a twin sharing basis in gender-segregated group lodging.

Will the students be under caring supervision?

All the delegates will be under proper supervision at every point of time. Delegates would either be with team members, in groups, or assigned to a guest or volunteer. Our delegate-team ratio is 6:1.

How do you assess the safety of your destination, and what happens if there is an incident that compromises the delegates safety?

We rely on our own in-house contacts: the people with whom we set up our programs, the current international and local team with whom we work to determine the safety of a particular country. If we ever determine a region to be unsafe, we will close the program and fully refund all for enrolled delegates.


However, IGenPlus will not be deemed in case of any delay or non-performance is due to any Force Majeure.

Are your programs safe?

Safety is paramount. It is woven throughout every aspect of programming. Each student and parent sign a code of conduct, and we take precautions to separate the genders, supervise students 24/7 to prevent access to drugs or alcohol. We are aware of the challenges associated with travel with young students and have taken special considerations based on location, culture and political situation to ensure safety above all else.


We take great pride in providing safe environments for students to explore these beautiful cultures and learn from one another.

Will students in the program be supervised heavily?

Yes. We believe that supervision is important to ensure student safety, and our team will supervise students during all day and evening activities and in the accommodations at night. We are proud of our experienced team and know they will do their best to maintain the students’ safety. However, because team cannot watch every student’s actions 24 hours per day, it is important that students respect the safety rules described in a packet each will receive upon acceptance to the program and exercise good judgment. For example, during free time at the waterfront, students may be allowed to go shopping in the various stores unsupervised in groups while team remain in a central location. During this time, students will be expected to follow the rules and will be able to reach supervisory team at any time on the team’s mobile phones.

What happens if a delegate gets sick or injured?

We work with emergency response service providers, and we have carefully researched in-country medical facilities. If a student becomes ill, we respond effectively and immediately to ensure appropriate medical care. If it is determined that a higher level of care is necessary than can be provided in the country, the delegate will be evacuated.

Will experts with local knowledge accompany?

Yes, our in-country team members have intimate knowledge of the host place.

What would be the status of meals and water?

Meals are planned will be freshly served in best quality restaurants and hotels. fresh daily, with a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and bread. Delegates may sample local cuisine, but western-style are also available. Only vegetarian options will be provided, but delegates have the choice and liberty to purchase non-vegetarian food. They will also have access to unlimited safe drinking water.

What would be the status of transportation?

Delegates are transported in vehicles by experienced, licensed drivers. At time of arrival, our team will be at the airport to meet and greet students. If the plane is delayed, they will wait until students arrive. At airport drop-off, our team will help direct students on how to check in and find their flight.

What happens if a student breaks the Safety Rules?

Since safety is our primary concern, anyone who jeopardizes his/her safety or the safety of others will be sent home at his/her parents’ expense. Any deliberate attempt to break the rules indicates a student’s inability or unwillingness to do his or her part to ensure the group’s safety and must therefore leave the program.

How will the parents and delegates stay connected?

Delegates are allowed to carry their cell phones, however their usage will be mostly limited to stay connected and take photos. Besides this, the numbers of our team members will be shared with you too, where you can get connected 24*7 during the expedition.

Is the given Itinerary final?

We are regularly updating the itinerary to make the experience more memorable.

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