Inside India 2.0

A 5-day educational tour of Rajasthan’s Mewar Circuit aimed to enhance students’ multicultural understanding and social skills. 

Why Inside India?

Cross-cultural Understanding

The itinerary is designed for school groups seeking authentic travel experiences. Students will interact with multiple layers of history, belief systems, language, and aspects of everyday life.

Social Skills

Participants will interact with artists and experts, gleaning insights from the real world and seeing how others live. Such human connection will instil values of compassion and empathy, among other socio-emotional skills.

Environmental Consciousness

Coming in direct contact with the changing topography, different types of soils, lakes, and other natural factors will allow students to connect classroom education and their surroundings.

Overall Personality Development

Hands-on, active learning through travel will enable students to step out of their comfort zone, lead with curiosity, cultivate an open mind, and identify their strengths and passions.

Details on Edition 2019

21st to 31st of December

Day 1


Marghazi Festival

Madras Music Academy

Day 2


Recording Studio

Day 3


French Quarters

Flight to Kochi

Day 4


Swaram Workshop

Day 5


Veena Making

Day 6

Isha Centre

Day 7


Kerala Kathakali Centre

Day 8


Day 9

Indian Musical Experience

Day 10


Open Mic


The Brain Museum​

In a one-of-a-kind experience, browse through an array of preserved specimens of the human brain, at the NIMHANS Brain Centre. In the company of an expert, learn about the various neurological afflictions, their visible impact, and links with historical narratives in India, as you observe the weight, feel and form of a preserved organ in hand.

Indian Music Experience

At the Indian Music Experience, take a tour of the rich and dynamic history of India through its exhibits on music. Discover the origins of traditional music, trace its evolution to a contemporary expression and engage with interactive music installations.


After a short drive from Bangalore, arrive at the dance village known as Nrityagram. In a guided walk on its campus, learn about the Gurukul system of education and get a glimpse of Indian traditional dance forms, from Odissi to Kathak, being practiced by students and pioneers of the art.


Board the ketuvallam, the traditional Kerala houseboat that got its name because of the coir ropes that are tied in knots and hold the entire structure of the boat together. Lay back leisurely and observe the town life by the lakeside while feasting on a sumptuous local cuisine prepared on board using fresh catch of the lake.


Kathakali is a classic art form of Kerala that is characterised by flamboyant makeup and expressions. Observe as the meticulous artisans make grand accessories for performance and watch as a combination of dance and storytelling brings forgotten myths to life.

Traditional Art Forms

Take a tour of a premiere arts centre that offers intensive training in dance, music and vocal traditions of Kerala. Sit in on several classes as you interact with the students and teachers, explore a traditional temple theatre and browse through exhibits at a cultural museum and art gallery.

Isha Center

Experience your spiritual self at Isha Yoga Center. Witness the powerful energy at the Isha Foundation and spend some time under the grace of the great Sadhguru. During your time there, experience the soulful music of Isha School of Music.

Ancient Temple

Take a walk in the exquisite, towering temples of Thanjavur, that were built through the 10th to 12th centuries to reflect the glory of a flourishing Chola empire. Observe the detailed frescoes and sculptures, testament to the exemplary craftsmanship of the Cholas and be a part of the fervent devotion that pervades the halls of a still-active temple to Shiva.


Immerse yourself in a Bharatanatyam performance, a dance form which has its origins in the patronage of the Cholas during the 10th century. Follow the artist’s striking gestures and poses as they reveal the ideas that combine traditional music with dance.

Veena Making

During a workshop with a craftsman, learn the process of crafting the veena, an ancient musical instrument imperative to the Carnatic tradition. During your interactions, discover the various tools used, the kind of wood employed, and the styles in which a veena can be crafted to produce its distinct, melodious ring.

French Quarters

A part of France exists in the Eastern Corner of Pondicherry. In a meddley of narrow streets lined by bright yellow buildings, the French quarter still holds a part of colonial history. Walk through this part of town to get a taste of Puducherry’s rich and varied heritage.

Fusion In
Indian Music

Attend a performance that combines Indian Carnatic music tradition with western music. In the company of an expert, observe the details in the structure and workings of a musical instrument used in producing this fusion, and learn more about the history and evolution of music in India during an interactive session.


In a workshop with one of the artisans at Svaram, the heart of music in Auroville, take part in the process of crafting a unique, musical instrument. Linger over a collection of other such handcrafted instruments, as you learn more about the history, traditions and healing practices related to them.

Marina Beach

Brimming with activity, take a stroll in the long, sandy stretch of Marina, as the waft of the cool ocean breeze filters through. Between freshly fried snacks and the evening fair’s games, engage in a casual game of frisbee.


Walk in and out of the vernacular houses of South India at the extensive compounds of Dakshinachitra. Assembled by artisans of the respective states, the hand looms, textiles, and statues of local men and women breathe life into each house. As a living museum, it holds performances and workshops in art, dance and craft.

Recording Studio

Venture into a recording studio of the film industry, whose spaces reverberate with music ranging from traditional to contemporary. Appreciate the workings of the studio and its equipment, as you try your hand at recording sound-bytes yourself.

Margazhi Festival

In the season of music in Chennai, witness performances in traditional Carnatic music by established names and upcoming artists alike. Observe in awe the traditional forms of dance and drama and engage with the creative masters during an interactive session.

Old Music in New Format

Be audience to an evening of Carnatic music in the format of an open-mic, where young artists of various skill-sets take the stage to perform in a fluid, collaborative space. Follow the rhythm of a mridangam’s beats, as a spontaneous sync is found with the strings of a violin, playing to the resounding vocals of a 16th century devotional hymn.

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