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Indo-Israel Teen Convention 2021



India and Israel have a longstanding history of cultural exchanges and collaboration. This event will build on this relationship to enable social interaction among the youth of the two nations, strengthening the shared values and common goals.

With the aim of nurturing the change agents and leaders of tomorrow, the convention will combine conceptual knowledge with hands-on learning.


  • Expert Talks: Bite-sized learning modules delivered by industry specialists.
  • Interactive Sessions: Open spaces conducive to discussions and exchange of ideas, such as open mic and other informal dialogues.
  • Purva Paksha Debate: Flexible and constructive view-sharing on topics like creative economy, defence and digitization (Inspired by the traditional debating style from the 12th century)
  • Policy Project: Policy brief writing and presentation on a variety of developmental topics, including economy, health, and technology

Key Takeaways

  • Social interaction: Get an opportunity to interact with peers and experts from diverse backgrounds
  • Self-expression: Learn in an inclusive environment as opposed to a didactic setting
  • Global connectedness: Expand your network of friends, educators, and mentors beyond national borders

Day 1

Start-ups & Innovation

Israel, today, has been recognised as one of the world’s most developed economies, and a large share of that is attributed to the innovation economy that the country fosters. Its open and free markets, venture capital availability and technological edge have much to offer to India’s economy as well. In this Purva-Paksha session students will explore sustainable innovations and how those impact the economy. Students will also be presenting on the following topics: 
  • Expanding energy conservation & sustainable living;
  • Life in 2050: How science & technology are changing the lifestyles;
  • Most innovative start-ups and what are they doing 

Day 2

Defence & Digitisation

India is the largest buyer of military equipment from Israel, which, in turn, is the second-largest defence supplier to India, after Russia. India is also the tenth-largest trade partner of Israel, and the third-largest from Asia. Military capability is one of the major pillars of Israel’s growing innovation economy. In this Purva Paksha session, the teens at the convention will discuss the role that the military plays when it comes to establishing peace, defending threats and how technological advancements are changing the defence dynamics. Students will be presenting on the following topics:  

  • Defence technology as an instrument of national policy;
  • Emerging technological innovations & AI in armed forces;
  • India-Israel relations: Lessons from history and the way forward

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