Indic Teen Fest is a first-of-its-kind educational platform

where teens get once-in-a-lifetime exposure to different

fields, learn from accomplished speakers, meet peers

from all over the country, and discover their passion and

career interests.

Why should you attend?


Awareness of multiple disciplines :

The whole fiesta of ITF is designed for teens to be aware

about of various fields, which will help them succeed not

just professionally but in life.


Gaining a lifetime experience :

ITF will see people from diverse fields in one place.

The experience of live performances by musicians, singers,

bands and budding artists, and the unique exposure to Indic 

games and culture will surely be memorable.


Learning social adaptability :

ITF will host people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

This will enable an understanding in the teens to coexist 

with people with diverse mindsets.


Expansion of network :

The teens will have a continuous interaction for throughout

with teens from around the world. This gives them an 

opportunity to expand their peer network,and build 

strong friendships. At ITF, they will also

be able to build connections with various influencers

and industry leaders.


Building a strong personality

Exposure to various activities and new people will contribute

to the personality development of teens.

It will instil a sense of responsibility and confidence

in handling themselves in social situations.


Exposure to new interests

ITF will provide a platform to discover many new hobbies

and interests they might not otherwise have the opportunity

to explore. This will help teenagers to channelize 

their energies into productive extra-curricular activities.

About Indic TeenFest 2019

30 speakers. 50+ activities. 350 teenagers.


With the objective to give young students a chance to meet eminent personalities, interact with the best minds, discover their passion, and learn various professional and personal skills, it was designed to give the teenagers a holistic lifetime exposure, coupled with fun and entertainment.

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D-11, Second Floor
Prashant Vihar, New Delhi
India - 110085


+91 9817500105



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