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India-UK Teen Convention 2021



India is on her way to become a 21st century superpower, now looking for global partners in this transformational journey, which involves the development of economic, military, political, and cultural powers. This also presents a tremendous opportunity for the United Kingdom. Indo-British relations already have a strong foundation of history, and the values and sympathies are getting increasingly aligned today.
As the two nations advance on building a deeper bilateral relationship, the ideas and opinions of young people are crucial to incorporate into the developmental discussions. The India-UK Teen Convention is an effort to start this process and enable a youth dialogue.


  • Online conferences: Short educational deliberations and talks by domain experts followed by Q&A sessions
  • Poorva-paksha debate: Constructive view-sharing, inspired by the traditional debating style of Indian logicians, covering multicultural issues and avenues for innovation
  • Policy pitch: Presentations of ideas on relevant developmental themes with student-mentor exchanges
  • Informal interactions: Discussions on topics like identity, lived experiences in multicultural settings, differences and common threads in traditional values, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Reconnect: Identify and bond over common values
  • Relearn:  Discuss possibilities for development
  • Re-energize: Move ahead with better understanding

Day 1

Multicultural Understanding

There is huge merit in knowing about other cultures and values in a globalized world. This poorva-paksha session will allow students to open their minds and hearts to think, feel, interpret, and react to differences and diverse viewpoints from a refined perspective.
  • Unraveling history: An alternative lens on how India and Britain changed each other historically
  • Unraveling development: Democracy versus Monarchy – The Pros and Cons for sovereign nations

Day 2

Education, Research, and Innovation

As the UK is on track to pursue a renewed International Education Strategy in the post-Brexit era, a deeper Indo-British collaboration in higher education is foreseen. This poorva-paksha session will delve into how mutually beneficial student engagements and exchanges could pan out within the current context.
  • Creating ‘living bridges’: Deepening higher education and research ties
  • Creating a livable world: Renewable energy and disaster resilient infrastructure

Day 3

Closing Ceremony

  • Student presentations
  • Final thoughts
  • Felicitation and certificate distribution


  • Certificate of Participation for all delegates
  • Certificate of Merit and LOR for poorva-paksha winners
  • Personalized leadership report for selected participants
  • Free workshop voucher for outstanding delegates
  • Feature in The Plus magazine and on IGP’s social media platforms

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