The Vision

The Global Youth Leadership Academy is an initiative by IGenPlus to nurture the potential of adolescents and young adults. The academy aims at shaping all areas of students’ distinct personalities, helping them emerge as confident, self-aware individuals, who can lead the world as the change agents of tomorrow. The academy will develop the leadership acumen of teenagers in India and abroad through a 5-month hybrid learning program. 

Learning Model and Program Structure

  • Open the heart: Voluntary field work with a host/partner organization.
  • Stimulate the mind: Structured multidisciplinary training under the online program, GYLP 2.0.
  • Try a hand: Undertake a professional internship in a relevant area of interest.
  • Maintain curiosity: Handpick  short courses depending on personalized needs from Yogi, Creative, Exponential learning modules.
  • Find inspiration: Participate in ‘mentor talks’ to gain the confidence and chart a desired course of action.
  • Identify a path: Seek career guidance to gain clarity about short-term and long-term goals.



The academy runs a 5-month long hybrid learning program to develop the leadership acumen of teenagers in India and abroad.

Critical thinking, communication, and social skills largely influence students’ personal and professional conduct during and after school years. And this program offers a unique way to inculcate these capabilities with online classes and hands-on activities. The learning model is designed with the aim of fusing together interdisciplinary subjects into a synergetic whole, yet allowing students the much-needed flexibility to learn at their pace. While some components of the curriculum are compulsory, others are optional.Finally, this ‘Rooted and Free’ ethos also flows through the classroom environment as well as the teaching methodologies of the program, giving students ownership and freedom over their journeys of learning and growing.

In this way, the academy aims to prepare the youth in tackling a wide range of challenges, before they take some defining steps of their life.

Key Takeaways

The Global Youth Leadership Academy will equip participants with a renewed sense of self in the following manner:
  • Understand the on-ground realities and good practices by engaging with problems at the grassroots 
  • Connect observations with theoretical knowledge with experts and contemporary thought leaders
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and practical skills and pursue an internship (Partner organizations include ArtKhoj, Create Cluster, eARTH Samvarta Foundation, Gateway Education, GyaanSpace, Write Melon, and many others)
  • Fill learning gaps with customized short online courses aligned with individual interests
  • Attend guest lectures and motivational talks on a wide array of leadership-related topics
  • Participate in one-on-one counseling sessions based on interest and career trajectory

Highlights & Rewards

  • Become a certified global youth leader and join the IGenPlus alumni network
  • Gain access to expert instructors, industry pioneers, and domain specialists
  • Build an impressive profile and work portfolio, enhancing overall value to higher education or work life
  • Earn industry-standard Letter of Recommendations (for exceptional students)
  • Get a chance to earn a scholarship to study at Rishihood University
  • Enjoy performance-linked credits, complementary prizes, exclusive rewards, and post-program guidance
  • Highlight achievements and get featured on various IGP platforms, such as website, newsletters, magazine, and social media

Program Investment

GYL Academy fee (Inclusive of taxes)- INR 50000 | 900 USD
Sliding scale tuition fee (Scholarships available on means and merit basis)


Annual Household Income (INR)

Tuition with Payment Plan

Tuition without Payment Plan

Above 1500000

INR 50000 | 900 USD

45000 INR | 850 USD


INR 40000 | 780 USD

36000 INR | 730 USD

Below 1000000

INR 35000 | 650 USD

INR 31500 | 600 USD

  • For internship and volunteering students will have to bear their travel, food and any other expenses they may be incurred.
  • The Plus Teen (Variable depending on course selection)- INR 5000 for each course *40% scholarship applicable for all academy students on all courses


14th June, 2021

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14th June, 2021

15-19 Years


Meet the Experts


Founder, CEO of Bachpan Play Schools and Academic Heights Public Schools


Vice Chancellor, Rishihood Unviersity (PhD Northeastern University, Boston)


Executive Director, Vision India Foundation; IIT Bombay, University of Washington, ISB


Professor, IIT Bombay


Board member – Sattva Consultancy, Founding partner – JumpStartUp, Expert Panelist – Technology Development Board, Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of India


Previous Editions

GYLP 2020:


Teenagers from 10 Indian states engaged


Learning hours dedicated 


Experts and speakers engaged


Sessions conducted


Interactive workshops organized 


Provided internships and mentorship opportunities


Short courses taught 

What our Delegates say

The exposure I got opened up my eyes about what the world has to offer and made me more open to possibilities.
The Global Youth Leadership program has changed my opinion about education - that it is not limited to the four walls of our school or college.
The GYLP sessions helped me learn many things, but my key takeaway was the yogic values. It was useful in my training for teaching Yoga.
Sai Shreyanka
The courses were very interesting and engaging. I've become a more knowledgeable person and gained a new vision towards education
This is a very useful opportunity for us to start learning and get aware. Every course was good. Everyday we learned something new with IGEN. Interacting with the students made me happy. I'm really enjoyed the sessions
This program helped me in discovering myself. That's what I expected. Thankyou
Amazing experience, got to know some wonderful people! Explored so many different spheres, developed my communication skills, critical thinking approach, and saw myself as a leader. Definitely moulded me in a way that I never imagined.
It’s an experience of lifetime that we are experiencing at GYLP ! I love Nishtha Ma’am Every mentor comes with new challenges and new leanings for us and we always take something positive away from them in the last class for sure. Sometimes it honestly gets a little hectic and overwhelming but then i always learn to shape myself with the situation and this is something I have learnt so far from my experience

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