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The Gap Year Program is a 3 months virtual training program, where the last phase concludes with consolidation of all that you would have experienced during this extensive and beautiful journey.

We will be issuing a transcript along with the certificate mentioning specific courses you took and grades earned by you.

Yes, you will be able to apply for universities abroad, for both of their spring and fall intakes.

Yes, the intent is to bring you closer to the workspaces to understand the dynamics and expectations of the market in addition to understanding self. You will get a chance to interact with the people from diverse fields to know the work closely and at the same time get your hands dirty while working on some very intense projects of your own. Further, the second phase of the program will allow you to enter the work field through volunteering and interning opportunities to experience the real world beyond the classroom lectures either online or near your hometown to ensure your safety and comfort.

Yes, international students can join this exciting journey if they have fulfilled the schooling standards of their respective countries.

Please adhere to the time limit and keep the content relevant to the question. Please feel free to face the camera and shoot the video. The idea is to get a closer insight into your thoughts and views, so that we know our prospective students better.

Due to the prevailing uncertainty around COVID 19 we wanted to prioritise our students’ health and hence, we decided to shift to an online module which will be equally intense with many more courses helping you build the skill sets you need in this changing world.

The student enters the university with more confidence and conviction to pursue courses of their interest. You will also get a certificate on completion of the program mentioning all the courses you took as a GAP year student.

Yes, you receive a certificate on  successful completion of the course. You will also receive certificates for the internship.

Yes, of course, anyone who fulfills the criteria can apply.


Yes, there is a scholarship provision. Scholarships are merit cum need based therefore, you are requested to furnish complete and authentic information while applying for the same.


NO, there is no entrance test for the same. The detailed application form and personal interview would enable us to know the candidate better and select the suitable candidates for the journey


We would love to hear you speak freely from heart, preferably in English or Hindi.

Following students are eligible for enrolling for the program-

  1. Students who have passed the class 12 board or equivalent exam
  2. Students who have appeared for class 12 exams
  3. Students who dropped out of school for some valid reasons
  4. Students who have been part of an alternative education system (unschooling/ homeschooling etc)

No, academic performance is not the sole criterion. Your creativity, confidence, intent to explore and vigor to learn would allow you to enter and experience this exciting journey.



The fee of the course is 80,000 INR or 1100 USD including taxes.

Yes, the plan is structured in a way that you come across as many options as possible to find what resonates with your passion and interests. Constant evaluation and mentoring will help you choose what suits you the best.

In the third step of the online application, the applicant is asked to mention two references of your mentors or teachers who have taught them. They will be contacted with regards to the applicant’s performance/ aptitude through their academic journey and extra curricular participation. Few points to remember with respect to this are:


-The referees should not be family or neighbors of the student. In event of such disclosure, the application/admission will be terminated.

-It should be noted that the referees are informed of their information being shared with us.  

-In case of no replies from the referees in the stipulated time, the application will be terminated.


This means that interviews will be scheduled along when the selection team shortlists the applications. The results will also be declared accordingly. Since the seats are limited, it is recommended to apply at the earliest possible to maximize the possibility of selection.

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