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FinBu Ninja is a unique financial literacy contest for students of classes 7th to 12th. It aims to build smart money habits among children, early on, by educating them about the basics of personal finance and business acumen. The competition will be held in 3 rounds, encompassing the full spectrum of financial awareness and reaching 2000-5000 participants globally.


  • 1. Testing participants’ existing financial and business awareness
  • 2. Providing a platform for sharing viewpoints on money related matters
  • 3. Nurturing entrepreneurship potential through a business plan challenge


  • a. Registration followed by first and second rounds: Feb 6 – Feb 28
    b. Announcement of results after completion of the second phase: March 2
    c. Round 3 ends on March 9
    d. Live session for the third round: March 10
    e. Final Winner announcement: March 12


Round 1 : QUIZ

Participants will attempt a Finance quiz on the AugLi mobile app. They will advance to the next round if they score above 80%. The quiz will continue on a rolling basis.

Round 2 : DEBATE

After successfully completing the first phase of the competition, candidates will write ‘for’ or ‘against’ on any one of the five debate topics in a debate hosted on the AugLi app. All entries should be original and within 500-800 words and will be accepted on a rolling basis. 5 winners will be chosen in this round.


  • In this phase of the competition, 5 selected candidates from the second round will receive INR 1,000 each in their FamPay accounts.
  • Students will get 2 weeks to multiply this amount by designing and implementing a business plan.
  • After 1 week, there would be a live Zoom session, wherein all 5 finalists will pitch their business idea in a 5-minute presentation. They will also be required to explain how their plan to multiply the allocated money.
  • An example of this business plan is a ‘Pet Walking Enterprise’ providing services for pet owners in an urban neighborhood. The money offered by FamPay could be used for business promotion, buying treats, etc. This idea is just for reference, students are not allowed to use the same for their presentation.
  • Candidates can also apply the money to promote an existing business idea or prototype, provided that it is their own work.


  • Identifying Opportunity (Doing the groundwork): 10%
  • Originality of the Idea (Authenticity & creativity): 10%
  • Economic Feasibility & Scalability (Amount multiplied): 40%
  • Presentation & Communication (Online Pitch): 40%


  • The business can be online or offline.
  • The idea can be implemented individually or in groups.
  • The business must have potential to grow and scale in the future.
  • Participants can showcase an entirely new business or use an existing business. (Note: The existing business must be run by the applicant)
  • Candidates must record all transactions including buying and selling in order for us to verify authenticity. In the absence of such a record the candidate shall not be eligible for the prize.
  • To win, a candidate must fulfill all the requirements mentioned in the evaluation criteria above.


  • Borrowing or collecting money from parents, friends, or anyone else is not allowed
  • Candidates are not allowed to multiply the money with iIllegal activities like gambling
  • Use of other pathways like investing in stock markets, bank deposits, etc. are not allowed


  • Introduction to money management concepts like budgeting, saving, investing, and running a business
  • An industry-validated business plan to serve as a testament of the skills learned and applied
  • 5 winners from the second round will receive participation certificates fit to industry standards as well as INR 1000 each in their FamPay wallets
  • The final winner will receive a ‘Certificate of Merit’ from IGenPlus, AugLi, and FamPay along with prizes worth INR 10,000
  • Opportunity to interact with industry professionals and form lasting mentor relationships



First Prize

  • Cash prize of INR 1,000
  • Full scholarship of Online course worth INR 5,000
  • Merit Certificate
  • Social Media Coverage
  • Feature in ‘The Plus’ Magazine

Second Prize

  • Full scholarship of Online course worth INR 5,000
  • Merit Certificate
  • Social Media coverage

Third Prize

  • Merit Certificate
  • Social Media Coverage

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