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Thinking like a Scientist

Self Paced Course (2 Months)


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Mon 30 Nov 2020
Sat 30 Jan 2021

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

An immersive course to allow children to question & develop scientific thinking/ & think as scientific leaders





Course Overview

We have grown up reading Newton’s Laws of Motions and trying to remember them for our exams but how often have we paused to look around and observe these laws. How often have we looked at our everyday world and tried to find a logic to things, reasons behind the why and the how?  We are mostly occupied in reading what the scientists produced and seldom wondering how they produced.

If we allow our minds to observe, question, and analyse around us, we can find our own laws of nature and discover the science around us not like a complex theoretical subject but as a logical way of life and thinking. This course aims to provide that training to the students’ minds. Students will also be introduced to the basics of the Sanskrit language as a tool to think scientifically.


Course Objective

To expose children to a scientific view of looking at the everyday world around them and nudge their minds towards logic and reasoning. To let students create their own scientific understanding of modern subjects instead of cramming theories handed down to them in books.

Expected Outcomes

Learn how to think scientifically and comprehensively/clearly

Expand your reasoning capabilities

Enhance your observational skills

Think creatively, critically and scientifically

Analyse the everyday objects

Discover logic behind the usual occurrences

Stepping stone to exploring the Vedic wisdom of Shaastras



Observational activities through different pictures, looking beyond the usual

Analysis of some common things around us

Discovering and defining the attributes of everyday objects

A glimpse of the traditional Gurukal way of teaching

Course Details

  • This course has 3 levels, the enrollment  is currently being done for level 1. Based on how the students perform on this level will they be able to enrol for further levels.
  • It is a pre-recorded course, self-paced with weekly reviews (the course is in English). Level 2 and 3 will be in sanskrit
  • Sanskrit will be introduced through a parallel course alongside this; Sanskrit as a way of observing and understanding the world around us.
  • Post level 1 there will be an entry-level proficiency test in Sanskrit  to check that students are able to converse in the language  and then further levels start
  • Level 3 will be an immersion into Sanskrit thinking.
  • No current knowledge of sanskrit is necessary for accessing this level
  • Enrolling for all the levels is recommended but not compulsory
  • This course is being offered along with a introductory course in sanskrit language thereby making it 2 courses overall

Clip from the Live Class

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