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Non-violence in the Mahabharata: A Webinar on ‘Ahimsa’


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Sat 30 Jan 2021

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


About Webinar

This webinar is an interactive get-together open to teenagers, parents, and teachers. It aims to educate participants about instances of non-violence in the ancient text of the Mahabharata. Join the IGenPlus team in conversation with Dr. Sushumna Kannan, an academic writer and author of Hinduism and Violence, forthcoming, 2021.

The Rationale

The Mahabharata is variously interpreted as upholding violence and non-violence. So, is the text contradictory? Or is the reading flawed? How can one answer questions like this?

Such debates arise even when we talk about historical figures like Gandhi and Tilak. Who was right? Or could both be right in their own way? This webinar session will cover such ideas, and much more.


● Learning about stories of non-violence from an ancient Indian text
● Understanding the warrior code and justifications for war
● Deep diving into the “Krishna’s remarks on why Arjuna must fight”
● Approaching questions like “Is non-violence passivity?”

Key Takeaways

● Grasp how the Mahabharata speaks of non-violence
● Form arguments to counter claims of callous violence in the Mahabharata

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