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Mahabharata: Lessons for Life

Online Course


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Wed 28 Oct 2020
Fri 13 Nov 2020

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

The name Mahabharata rings a bell in every Bharateeya. Every person in India knows something about this great epic written by Maharshi Vyasa. It is a guiding light for our lives, an encyclopedia of Bharateeya Parampara, a melting pot of historical accounts as well as philosophy. Beyond everything, it’s a fantastic story that every Bharateeya household must know in its fullness and more so the children as they grow to be thought leaders of tomorrow. In this light, the course promises to holistically expose its participants to the magnificent story of Mahabharata and imbibe the lessons on leadership, followership, decision making, tackling ethical dilemmas, pursuing goals, communicating rightly and collaborating effectively.






To inculcate in students, a fascination for Mahabharata not only as a Story and Epic, but also as a way to critically think about its Characters. Through Mahabharata, the course aims at introducing students to the thought processes and elements of Bharateeya Parampara.

Key Takeaways

  • Acquire Leadership Potential
  • Learn to Collaborate and Communicate
  • Learn the Art of Resolving Conflicts and Dealing with Crisis 
  • Learn the Virtue of Followership
  • Learn Ethical Decision Making 
  • Learn How to be Assertive and Humble at the same time. 


Course Outcomes

  • Build a Fascination for Mahabharata as a Story, Epic, Characters, and Thought
  • Build an appreciation for Mahabharata as a History and Encyclopedia
  • Create an introduction to Elements of Bharateeya Parampara through Mahabharata
  • Build sufficient curiosity so that children can further their journey from Mahabharata to other elements of the parampara as they grow
  • Know the legacy of the Bhagavad Gita

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