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Mahabharata Humanities Internship Programme

Mahabharata Internship for New-Age Careers


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An online internship programme including two introductory classes and continuous student-mentor support for essay writing and career development.


The Mahabharata is a civilisational encyclopedia. It contains philosophical text relevant to several academic disciplines of the Humanities. At the same time, its wisdom applies to the practical world, particularly in the context of work and life challenges.

The Internship Programme aims to make students aware of the teachings of this ancient Indian epic with a focus on lifelong learning. Students will then prepare publishable essays under the guidance of experts, building relevant professional skills.


  • Enrichment of school curriculum:
    • Learn about history from an indic point of view.
    • Stay ahead of Western & European education.
  • Professional networking:
    • Access to professional writers and experts at a single platform.
    • Exposure to best practices and tools of modern-day industry.
  • Soft skills:
    • Develop leadership aptitude through critical observation & conflict resolution.
    • Deal better with the stress and competition of the corporate world.
  • Workplace skills:
    • Refine articulation and writing skills to advance professional growth.
    • Uncover secrets to successful careers hidden in the Mahabharata for ages.


  • Discussions on texts, such as Mahabharata by KM Ganguly and Bibek Debroy.
  • Covering themes like Rivers in Mahabharata, Security Practices, Relationships between Speech & Thought in Mahabharata, etc.
  • Crafting 3-4 page essays on topics that enrich students’ personal and professional growth.

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