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Life Lessons from the Bhagavadgita


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This course gives the students an opportunity to look into the core messages of the Bhagavadgita that focus on learning to live and cope in a troubled world, where conflicts abound.





Course Overview

The teachings of the Bhagavad Gita continue to resonate across the world, centuries after it was first composed. The core message of the ancient text focuses on learning to live in a troubled world, which is marred with conflicts. 

It can be particularly challenging for teenageers to cope and adapt to the dictates of modern life. Besides hard work, there are many intangible aspects involved in their personal, academic, and professional struggles. Often the straitjacket format followed in classrooms can overlook nurturing such habits and character traits. The ‘Life Lessons from Bhagavad Gita’ course builds on traditional knowledge and wisdom to equip teenagers with these 21st century skills. 

It aims to ensure that India’s rich cultural history flows to the future generations and helps them tide over difficult times in the decades to come. The course modules use case studies and experiential methods to invoke metaphors from ancient texts, teaching valuable  life lessons to the youth. 



  • Comprehend the value of teachings from the ancient Indian literature
  • Understand the continued relevance of these teachings in the modern world
  • Supplement textbook knowledge by connecting traditional wisdom with 21st century skills


  • Revisiting an ancient text from a contemporary lens
  • Learning to look at a situation from multiple perspectives
  • Managing conflicts with clarity
  • Empowering oneself from within
  • Practices to create attention and mindfulness

Concepts to be covered

  • Arjuna as a metaphor for the human mind
  • The role of a competent guide who walks along on our path
  • Transcending Limitations – Understanding the Gunas and their implications
  • Diverse Pathways towards Clarity
  • Confidence and Conviction – Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Bhakti yoga
  • Empowering the mind to its highest potential – Dhyana Yoga
  • The Battle Within – Becoming the Best We Can (Daivi and Asuri Sampat)

Teaching Methods

  • Lectures
  • Interactive concept-based discussions
  • Guided practices of visualization and reflection

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