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Life Lessons from Buddha

Understand, Identify, Express


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Mon 25 Jan 2021
Thu 18 Feb 2021

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

A nine-day online course to help students discover their distinctive voice






Clarity and conviction are vital qualities that help us in sharing our viewpoints with the world. This course will use creative approaches like storytelling and hands-on activities to instill these capabilities. It will take students on an exploratory journey through Buddha’s wisdom, drawing from the insights and mastery of the great philosopher and spiritual teacher who lived in Ancient India.  The innovative pedagogy will also help participants discover their distinctive voice. 


Modeled on Indian literature, the coursework will expose children to captivating stories that capture diverse characters, personality traits, and circumstances. As they engage with the text, they will recognize their own feelings, preferences, and behavior. In the end, this technique will teach them the value of objective problem analysis and thoughtful response.

Additionally, the course seeks to provide a platform for every child to voice their thoughts, interpretations, and emotions with confidence. It will encourage them to find their perspective and opinions about real-life situations and problems. Participants will get several opportunities to conduct independent analysis and present their unique ideas in a structured manner.

Approach: Learning about oneself and developing relevant skills

The course will cover stories based on values like honesty, respect, love, compassion, courage, loyalty, forgiveness, unity, generosity, sacrifice, humility, and empathy. Children will get a flavor of these qualities through a three-step process of learning.

The process is designed as follows: 

  1. a)  Understand the situation: Empower children to interpret facts and read between the lines.
  2. b) Identify the emotion: Equip children with the skill to recognize their emotions and empathize.
  3. c) Express thoughts: Encourage children to communicate their analysis and takeaways through art, text, and dialogue.

Outcome: A Transformed Outlook & Creative Self-Expression

By the end of this course, participants will acquire the following skills:

  1. Working on fresh ideas and building new perspectives to situations
  2. Reasoning, objective analysis, problem-solving, and decision-making skills
  3. A confident approach and improved communication skills to express original thoughts
  4. Using creative expression (acting, writing, discussions, and other artistic forms) to articulate thoughts and feelings
  5. Applying listening, leadership, and empathy to model the way

Each participant will be awarded certificates for their dedication and investment.

Course Structure

Module 1: Introduction and situation analysis

Knowing who Buddha was and what made him famous. 

Storytelling sessions on dreams and situational analysis, and empathy. 

Stories based on Childhood of Buddha and diving deep into the life of Buddha for experiential learning. 

Ending with a character sketch and analysis for understanding the unique values of each participant. 

Module 2: Critical thinking and self-reflection

Practising critical thinking through stories on early life of the Buddha and using arts as a medium to understand the thinking process. 

Storytelling by students to kindle imagination through drawing and dialogue writing. 

Participants will also learn about reflecting on oneself to understand life goals and dreams. 

Character sketch and analysis towards the end of the class. 

Module 3: Comprehension, creativity and understanding gratitude

A debate session to improve arguments and accept different views. 

Role-plays to help improve comprehension skills and to equip participants to design their own out-of-the-box questions. 

Participants will be asked to maintain an online journal on expressing gratitude. 

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