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Learn about the brave kings and queens from Indic history and gather from their actions, lessons that are relevant even today.





Course Overview

Our physical traits are not the only things we inherit from our ancestors. In fact, the older generations are a storehouse of knowledge when it comes to being prepared for anything! The epic battles and the tales of the kings and queens are proof that the rich Indic history holds lessons that are relevant even today. Our course, Lessons from Itihaas, is an effort to ignite a spark of knowledge among teenagers.
It gathers from historical narratives to prepare young learners in taking informed actions towards their goals. Students will learn about significant figures and episodes, understanding the strengths of our ancestors!



  • To capture historical facts and narratives in an entertaining way
  • To understand the significance of history in making sense of the present
  • To present the humanity in the events and help students relate to the material
  • To seek inspiration from the challenges and strengths of our Indic ancestors
  • To learn about the relentless Indic resistance and recognise the current relevance of the lessons in life and work


Students will get a peek into some lesser-known facets of Indian history. Specifically, they will learn about the six ‘Indian Warrior Kings and Queens’ who successfully defeated the Islamic invaders in spite of a wide range of challenges. In every session, a new Indic legend will be introduced.

Students will also share how the learning can be used in their personal, social, and professional life. This application-based method will prove conducive to in-class learning.


The course will allow students to share their thoughts about the historic episodes introduced to them. Our storytelling format and exercise will help them in:

  • Identifying the defining qualities of the legend/icon of the day
  • Thinking outside the box 
  • Leading from the front
  • Developing and trusting instincts
  • Grasping the importance of having a sense of humour

Course Structure


#1 Raja Suheldev 
#2 Rani Naiki Devi
#3 Raja Harihara
#4 General Latchit Bhorphukan
#5 Rani Karnavati 
#6 Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj

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