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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. Smart technologies are reshaping the world we live and work in. The growing youthful population and emerging industries present unprecedented opportunities for innovation and transformation. 

Looking into the future, we see several challenges that will require the strategic application of technical expertise, analytical thinking, and ethical leadership qualities. Whether it’s the digital revolution or environmental sustainability, our leaders’ aptitude and personality traits will determine how we come out on the other side. And young people are going to be at the forefront of global change. 

Our Gen Z needs to acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills to adapt to the ever-evolving realities of modern times. With this perspective, In.Vision aims to equip the youth with next-generation skills and help them become the future-ready leaders that our world needs.


  • To help students build an understanding of how the Great Global Transformation is disrupting society, economy, careers and life itself, and what this means for us.
  • To give students insights on how to lead and build impactful careers for the world of tomorrow.
  • To give students a toolkit of 21st century skills, including futurecasting, integral thinking, digital hygiene, and reading patterns in a world of overflowing information.


The learners will be able to gain insights into:

  1. How to engage and create sustainable technological futures
  2. The nature of technology through examples of living bricks and xenobots
  3. How to read patterns in the fast-paced world of information overload
  4. How to navigate digital-first challenges

Course Structure

  1. The Great Global Transformations: How is the world changing?
  2. Beyond Technology: Big Questions of our times
  3. Leading in the Future of Work: Skills and Careers for the New Economy
  4. Handling Digital Challenges: Personal Travails with Technology
  5. Co-creating Indic Futures: Young Leaders for India’s Future

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