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A pathway into mindfulness and success


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Mon 28 Dec 2020
Wed 13 Jan 2021

5:30 PM - 7:00 PM






In a world full of problems, we need everyday strategies to cultivate clarity. It’s all the more difficult to find mental strength amid the dictates of modern life and all the digital noise. Our minds are a criss-cross of thoughts and distractions. And our lives are packed with tasks and to-do lists. If only we knew how to pause and connect the constellations in our head, great ideas would come to life! 

This course offers a way to build mental techniques for succeeding in a complex environment. It explores how practicing mindfulness can help students become more attuned to their personal and professional goals. With being mentally strong, you are already a step ahead!


Life has deeper intelligence than just intellect.

Key Takeaways

  • Better understanding of Emotional Intelligence
  • Learning how to deal with issues like anxiety, stress etc.
  • Deep diving into how habits transform us
  • Building tools and techniques for helping self in moments of tension
  • Understanding intellect

Course Structure

  1. Understanding Mental Immunity  
  2. Breaking down Fundamental Parts of Intellect: Man, Budhi, Chit and Ahamkar
  3. Transforming power of Habits
  4. Defining Emotional Quotient/ EQ vs. IQ
  5. Sorting Good/Bad Chemistry of Brain
  6. Learning to live with easy pace leads to more efficiency

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