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IGenPlus in collaboration with Rishihood University is launching a 1.5 month online Corporate Internship Program to provide hands-on training and work experience to young leaders, setting them up for their professional life.

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Program Overview/ Introduction

Our virtual corporate internship program offers transformative work experience and hands-on training customized to students’ career interests. Our partnerships with corporate organizations keep in mind the suitability of our interns’ skills and professional development. Each student intern will be placed in a month-long internship in an area of his/her interest. Companies will select candidates based on the final post-training performance.

Why Pursue a Virtual Internship

  • Learn and develop cross-sectional and interdisciplinary knowledge 
  • Understand work culture and group dynamics
  • Develop professional networks and mentorship relationships in a career-relevant field
  • Build a work portfolio and an impressive Curriculum Vitae (CV) to enhance your employability
  • Explore and learn international work practices and employment procedures

What the Program Offers

  1. A week-long intensive, career-oriented training with the Rishihood University in one of the five fields of your interest
  2. A guaranteed internship placement of 4 weeks in one of our partner organizations
  3. The Chance to interact with industry pioneers and professionals, who will pick interns based on their performance
  4. A Certificate of Completion fine-tuned to industry standards from the industry itself
  5. An opportunity to get access to a global network of mentors and leaders in your areas of interest
  6. Performance-linked credits that can be used any time to pursue courses at Rishihood University and IGenPlus
  7. Pre and Post-Internships professional advice from experts and specialists

Job brief of the available internship areas

  1. Marketing: Provide creative ideas to the marketing teams and support them in implementing various campaigns. Students will learn to perform market research and work in a fast-paced environment while companies will benefit from their insightful contributions. 
  2. Human Resource: Take care of administrative and everyday support functions of HR departments. Students will get a closer look at how companies approach hiring, payroll, employee records, and learning and development.
  3. Content Writing: Join editorial and communication teams, contributing to articles, blog posts, and marketing copies. Students will use online research with qualitative information (through interviews etc.) and combine these resources with their writing skills to prepare well-structured drafts. 
  4. Design & Development: Assist web developers and designers with innovative website layouts and user interfaces. Students will pick up coding, software documentation, and creative skills while fashioning their ideas visually.
  5. Event Management: Engage in planning and organizing activities to execute impactful events within budget and time constraints. Students will apply fresh ideas and develop organizational skills. 

New skills that students will develop

After completing this corporate internship program, students will gain the following skills:

  • Communication: Written and verbal communication competence to convey strong and persuasive ideas
  • Collaboration: Being a part of team projects, understanding group and workplace dynamics, working together to achieve common goals
  • Problem solving: Making connections between theory and practice, combining subjects in new ways to answer real-life questions, and applying interdisciplinary approaches
  • Technology literacy: Mastering tools and computer skills essential for pursuing and managing careers in the digital age
  • Employability: Acquiring the self-confidence and clarity to advance on a particular career path, getting introduced to the necessary technical and soft skills

Enrollment Process: Start your professional journey

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Screening Process

Provisional letter of selection

Payment of program fee

Confirmation letter & start of program

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