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Bring stories to life with Bharatnatyam


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A 5 Day interactive workshop for mind, body and soul






This online course includes storytelling sessions and activity-based lessons to evoke children’s natural explorative senses of discovering more about the world. 

Training in performing arts like dance is an excellent way of encouraging all-round development of children and adolescents. It brings together the mind, body, and soul while acting as a creative outlet. 

Art is a valuable tool for transforming education as it sensitizes people and implores them to look at the world holistically. Moreover, Indian classical dance forms are as good as Yoga, owing to their many health benefits and concentration-building powers. Bharatnatyam is a combination of Nritya (dance postures) and Natya (drama and poems), making it a creative medium for sensing, identifying, and communicating feelings and ideas.


  • Wellness: Taking care of physical and emotional health by engaging in exercises that tone muscles, improve blood circulation, and act as spiritual therapy.
  • Knowledge-building: Understanding the link between an ancient text and its relevance in contemporary times.
  • Skill development: Becoming familiar with Bharatnatyam, learning some basic movements, and enhancing overall skills in Indian classical dance forms.


  • Engage in storytelling through dance 
  • Learn basic Bharatanatyam movements
  • Enhance your physical and emotional health
  • Experience the spiritual magic of Indian Classical Dance
  • Interact with and learn from Karamveer Chakra recipient 
  • Gain command over your expressions, narration and presentation skills

Course Structure

The classes will be divided into:

  • Initial warm-up exercises involving limb movements and facial expressions
  • Employability of gestures, free movement, and stylized representations
  • Choreography with specific content, such as expression of a popular mythological tale


Additionally, the course will explore the origin and relevance of ancient Indian texts like the NatyaSastra. Participants will be encouraged to use Indian classical dance for influencing their mind-body-spirit and think about dance as a powerful channel for attaining universal peace.

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