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Ayushman 2020


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Sat 19 Dec 2020

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Ayurveda, sometimes termed as Ayushveda, essentially springs from the word longevity, but it means longevity with self actualisation, which is fulfilling one’s potential. Ayurveda is about achieving the knowledge of self actualisation by maximising one’s potential in mental, physical, spiritual dimensions in whatever I may choose to become.j


It’s not enough to live a particular length of life rather about how we maximize the unique dimensions that are given to us in that length of life and to get one step closer to that maximisation, we present a unique opportunity for teenagers to be a part of an exciting fest on December 19 and gain knowledge about proceeding towards a life without illness and learn DIY tips for self-care, interesting careers in Ayurveda and a lot more through interactive sessions, short film, and activities. 


IGenPlus in partnership with Indic Academy, along with the AVP Research Foundation, is celebrating the gift of life – AyurvedaAyushman 2020 is being steered by the Center for Soft Power (CSP), a national think-tank working towards mapping, documenting and promoting various elements of India’s culture and global influence, including Ayurveda, Yoga, Cuisine and many more.

Itinerary of the fest

6:00 PM Introduction
6:10 PM Teenagers and the problems they encounter
Topic: ‘’A Life Without Illness’’
6:40 PM Short Film
Speaker: Gita Mohandas
7:00 PM Practices to be followed
Topic: ‘’Everyday practices from Ayurveda’’
7:30 PM Tips on choosing right kind of natural products and simple DIYs for face masks etc
Topic: ‘’DIY tips for your Self-care routine’’
Speaker: Dr. Somit
8:00 PM With the Young professionals in Ayurveda
Topic: ‘’Choosing a career in Ayurveda’’
Speakers: Elif and Arun

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