Overcoming the Environmental Crisis

26 June, 2019

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“It’s no longer a question of just environmental crisis anymore; we are in the middle of an existential crisis.” – Utsow Pradhan

Utsow Pradhan at Indic TeenFest 2019

Utsow Pradhan was our guest speaker at Indic TeenFest 2019. He is an environmentalist from Kurseong, Darjeeling, who left a promising corporate career to find his true calling in permaculture farming. A pioneering social entrepreneur, Utsow is also a trained mountaineer. Along with some friends, he runs TIEEDI (Take It Easy, Easy Does It), an eco-tourism project in Darjeeling Hills, and is associated with several environmental projects like river rejuvenation and anti-pollution campaigns.

At ITF 2019, he presented to our young audience the real picture of the ecological crisis that our planet Earth is going through. Amongst the technological and lifestyle evolution that we’re being surrounded with, our natural force is dying a slow and painful death. And we as humans are acting in the most short-sighted way by refusing to see how our existence is also at stake.
Utsow bound the attention of the audience by presenting to them how plastic pollution is killing the biodiversity at sea, choking the rivers’ flow, and converting beautiful landscapes into wastelands.

By the middle of the session, the audience had been introduced to the dark reality of the ecological crisis. Here you can find criminal defense attorney in san diego near me. This video was disheartening and put us all on a guilt trip for using single-use plastic like straws.


If you have watched the video, you will find interesting to study this:

Credits: Utsow Pradhan

Utsow, who was also recently honoured with a Local Environment Champion title by Scavengers Darjeeling, a youth-led initiative in Darjeeling, urged the young audience to bring sustainable living in play. He urged to get involved in the Zero Waste Movement, Plastic Eco Bricks Movement, Permaculture, and become future Ecopreneurs (entrepreneurs who preserve ecology).

He also shared very intriguing insights on WWW, called Wood Wide Web. Research has shown that beneath every forest and wood there is a complex underground web of roots, fungi and bacteria helping to connect trees and plants to one another lax private car service near me. This subterranean social network, nearly 500 million years old, is the original WWW.


Believe it or not, the world is in our hands. We can save it only by coming together with a determined mind to refuse plastic, reduce waste, and go sustainable. Take action, not for any being in the world, but for your own future. It’s “YOUR TURN TO PLAY”.

Count the number of times you use single-use plastics in a day, and let us know in the comments below.