Delegates 2021

Ayaan Ali

Ayaan is based in Gurgaon but has studied at a residential school called Rishi Valley for the past 6 years. He wants to explore his passions and skills in entrepreneurship and leadership through GYLA. He is an avid sportsperson with a keen interest in wildlife conversation, sustainable development and value investing. He plays many instruments also such as electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard and the cajon. He loves to travel, eat and sleep. He is studying Chinese and can speak basic Japanese as well.

Bhavya Pandya

Bhavya currently is living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is an entrepreneur and a social worker and has his own IT company called CHAOS, under which he designs games, applications, and websites. He loves to read books and explore new things. He is a nature lover and also loves to do spiritual practices. He runs his own international organization called the Youth Change organization. He is passionate about writing, adventure, and technology.

Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta is currently doing his Bachelor’s in Science in Data Analysis in ILEAD Kolkata.His dream is to become a billionaire. He has a passion of learning new things. His Hometown is in Kalimpong which is near Darjeeling. His hobbies are playing Cricket and singing in the bathroom.

Kapil Kashyap

Kapil has finished his 12th grade from DAV Sahibabad. He is a national level skater and has won multiple prizes including silver medal at DAV National. He wants to start a sports fitness club to improve awareness about fitness in India. He is also looking to improve his marketing, business, and sales skills.

Khush Jain

Khush lives in Jaipur and is16 years old. He likes reading books, playing sports, and listening to music. He is a hard core extrovert so he is the kind person everyone should party with. He likes to watch Netflix, meeting new people, making new friends and creating a bond.

Kiran V Nair

Kiran resides in Kochi, Kerala, and is currently serving as an intern at IIMUN, the world’s largest youth-run organization. He is a social media intern that has gained recognition through the findabed initiative that was released last month. He likes reading, writing his own stories, gaming, watching anime, and playing with his dog. He does not really like socializing unless they have some kind of connection or unless he is needed to.

Kripa Malhotra

Kripa lives in Delhi. She is a super emotional person and spends most of her time daydreaming, writing , reading and binge watching Netflix.Her dream is to get into Harvard and she thinks about it every second of every day. If someone asks her to describe herself in 5 words it would probably be emotional, passionate, stubborn, daydreamer and hardworking. Being a true leader is something very important to her and with the help of this program she hopes to achieve it.

Mansi Panchal

Mansi Panchal is currently preparing for her entrance exams and is getting ready for a new phase of life which is college. She loves singing, dancing, reading, and a good cup of coffee. Her interests are event management and learning new skills. She proudly calls herself a highly extroverted person and a pretty good chef.

Sherin Fathima

Sherin, currently living in Chennai. I’m an INFJ so safe to say I’m the one people my friends find when they need therapy. I love exploring new things and learning as much as I can. I’m a writer and by the time we meet I’d be signed with an app. I love reading. Find me when you need book recommendations or, of course, some advice.

Kanishka Verma

Kanishka Verma loves challenges. She is a BTS fan . She likes watching kdramas. She wants to explore this world and belives that a person should always give his/her best . She is currently learning Korean and reading books. She is an occasional poet and a songwriter.

Kathija Zamya

Kathija Zamya is a normal girl with a normal life and lives by rules made by elders and has a rather dry life.”” Ohh now that would be a big lie…..hahaha…( ꈍᴗꈍ) Her name is Kathija Zamya whose life seems to be anything but boring because of how driven she is to do something everyday. Living in a developing smart city called Mangalore which is interesting for a curious cat like her. One of her biggest flexes is stanning the right people (BTS). She believes being able to read or watch and hear something is one of the greatest gifts given to mankind as it has given her the opportunity to understand and analyse things through different perspective. The ideal person to cry your heart out when you’re going through a hard time, along with some ice-cream tubs <3 . Rumors say that she is a really good advisor 😉 .

EDITION 10 | SEPT 2020

Guru - Shishya Bond

In this month’s issue, IGenPlus attempts to explore depths of the Guru Shishya bond from the ancient to the contemporary times, the arrival of the first Guru, some iconic mentor-mentee relationships, insights from a principal, and much more.

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