A 6 weeks Online Course with participants coming together from different parts of India


  • The online course focussed on strengthening concentration, self-reflection, memory enhancement, and communication skills among the students through the wisdom of Vedas.
  • Through this course, the students learned the basics of chanting, the technique, and the chants.
  • They also began to experience chanting as a meditative and self-reflective process.
  • The participants learned certain introductory chants such as Maheshwara sutra, Ayur mantra, and Pancamaya shloka as taught in the tradition of Sri. T. Krishnamacarya and Sri T.K.V.Desikachar.


  • Stronger concentration
  • Improved listening and communication skills
  • Basic Techniques of chanting
  • Enhanced breathing capacity
  • A deeper understanding of situations
  • Empowered meditation abilities
  • Gained basic heritage knowledge of Vedas
  • A deeper perspective about everyday occurrences in oneself and those around us


Gayatri Iyer

Gayatri Iyer is a self-taught artist and writer or curator for R itambhara and Indica. Her journey to starting discovering herself and leading a meaningful life started with many art forms and tools like visual art, theater, and yoga. She is also pursuing her yoga teacher training course in the tradition of Sri.T.Krishnamacarya and Shri T.K.V. Desikachar. She firmly believes that this will help not only in her journey to discover beauty and rhythm in her own life but also help her to enable others in their journeys of life..

Priya Nagesh

Priya Nagesh is a yoga teacher and therapist in the tradition of Sri.T.Krishnamacarya and Sri T.K.V. Desikachar and a Reiki practitioner. She has over a decade’s experience using yoga therapy for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. She has recently started integrating chanting and working with sound to her personal practice and therapy sessions. She is committed to organisations such as Yogavahini and Ritambhara that have praxis of Yoga at their heart. She also works with alternative and meaningful educational processes and loves teaching children, writing poetry, and the great outdoors.


Shrey Bhagwat, Delegate

In this class, I was exposed to multiple ways of approaching anything in life. For instance, the Gayatri Mantra that I have been practicing was in a different tone but through these sessions, I understood the Vedic Chanting way that enhanced not only my pronunciation but all added meaning to the chants. It has been a lot of learning and the stories given in the class were very interesting and thoughtful.

Shikha Goel, Parent

I really liked this course I am extremely grateful and happy that I enrolled my son for these sessions. Initially, I was slightly confused if he will be able to grasp but the way the IGenPlus team was there throughout and the way the lessons were presented in the classes, I was surprised to see him learn so well and chant so many mantras so clearly. I have seen him learn and grow through these sessions and it has been a very fruitful experience.

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