A 9 hours Online Course with young teenagers participating from different parts of India


  • ‘Minmini’ is a Tamil word that means fireflies and hence the course was aptly titled to ensure the glowing light inside each of the participants is enlightened and strengthened.
  • The course was an exploration of creativity through storytelling, art-response, creative journaling, music, and different genres of literature such as – short story, excerpts from novels, poetry, plays etc. Focusing on communication skills, creative & critical thinking, and emotional abilities, the course aimed at bringing in appreciation of literature in the students, and help them in the exploration of the self in relation to the world and aesthetics. During the last session, the students also presented their art forms in the form of paintings, story-telling, singing, origami,etc.


  • Triggered creativity of the young mind 
  • A strong sense of art-appreciation in any form
  • Personal artistic self-expression 
  • Enhanced critical thinking 
  • Discovering pathways for connecting with one’s own infinite possibilities
  • Strong communication skills
  • A broad perspective and ability to express self


Deepa Kiran

Deepa Kiran is an award-winning international storyteller, educationalist, TEDx speaker, writer, and voice-over artist. Deepa has worked with over 1 lakh students and 45,000 teachers in India and other countries. She is the founder of the Story Arts Foundation. Her teacher-training video for UGC, National Television won the Best E-Content of the year award.


Ujjawal, Delegate

I really enjoyed the sessions. Every day there was a new story which was interesting and also there were always important lessons to reflect upon from the sessions. I also liked how we analysed different characters from various stories. The best part of the sessions was also how ma’am narrated the stories with so many expressions, different tones, instruments, and singing.

Reena, Parent

My daughter as well as my neice were super fascinated with the sessions and the way the narration was done. The lovely story-telling accompanied with singing, and the use of such various interesting musical instruments was really wonderful throughout the sessions. I could see the excitement in their eyes and I am very happy I enrolled them, it has been a great journey and a very enabling session. I am glad IGenPlus brought a session like this for artistic kids.

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