Components and Evaluation

Duration: 10 days (Compulsory)

Open the Heart: Volunteer Work (June 14-23)

The academy will begin a ‘selfless service camp’ involving voluntary field work with a non-profit youth organization. This host organization will engage delegates in several tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Teaching and taking digital literacy sessions
  • Community development projects
  • Action research and administration
  • Organizing fundraising events
  • Raising online awareness, etc.

These activities will teach them the importance of hardwork, while giving them a closer look at real-life problems and adding depth to their perspective and worldview.

Duration: 6 weeks

Stimulate the Mind: GYLP 2.0 (Jun 25- July 10)

GYLP 2.0 is a structured online learning program that follows a Self-System-Statement model. It will allow students to connect their volunteering experiences with theoretical concepts and frameworks, thereby learning to articulate specific problems and come up with innovative solutions. The curriculum will take them through contemporary subjects, individual projects, and group activities in the following format:

  • Self: Conscious Leadership Lab
  • System: Systems Thinking Lab
  • Statement: Communication Lab

In a matter of six weeks, students will explore multiple subjects such as communication, entrepreneurship etc. in a stress-free fashion, from the comfort of their homes, all the while discovering their innate leadership potential.

Duration: 3 Months

Try a Hand: Internship (Jul 12- Oct 11)


This phase of the academy will focus on ‘application’ and ‘creation’. Youth delegates will undergo an industry-relevant internship program, which will be a mix of career training and work placement. All participants will receive dedicated skills training from Rishihood University to prepare them for different job areas. Organizations like ArtKhoj, Create Cluster, eARTH Samvarta Foundation, Gateway Education, GyaanSpace, Write Melon, and many others have already agreed to host our student interns.
Internship areas:

  • Communications & Marketing
  • Design & Social Media
  • Outreach & Event Management
  • Video Creation & Editing

Duration: Ongoing (Optional)

Stay Curious: Personalized Online Courses (Jun - Oct)

Students will have the chance to fill the gaps in their learning by choosing short courses from IGP’s e-learning modules like Yogi+, Creative+, and Exponential+. These customizable training packages bring together students’ intellectual, artistic, and practical potentials, thereby cultivating the joy of learning in the teenage years. These personalized ‘skill buckets’ are designed to suit Gen Z’s needs, interests, and growth.

Get Inspired: Mentor Talks (Concurrent)


This part of the academy is designed to help students overcome any emotional, behavioral, or social obstacles that are affecting their learning process. IGenPlus will tap into its elaborate network of international experts and conduct one mentoring session per week for 5 months. Here are some of the topics that will be covered in these ‘expert or mentor talks’ –

  • The art of communication
  • Social-emotional learning for success
  • Execution in the VUCA world
  • Productivity in the digital age
  • Leading a life with purpose

Identify a Path: Career Counseling (On need basis)

The academy will arrange one-on-one counseling sessions for students who want to zero-in on career options in a particular domain. The support partners will help delegates evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and further recommend suitable learning tracks or best-fit occupations. Career development is an ongoing feature as one can choose to contact professionals and receive guidance at any stage of the program.

Additional Learning Avenues:

  • Weekly team based projects and activities to boost shared learning outcomes
  • Individual evaluation criterias and assignments for each course
  • Activity based weekly synthesis to help connect the dots


Evaluation System-

In order to successfully complete the program:

  • Students will be expected to fulfill a basic attendance criteria during the online GYLP classes which would mean finishing at least 45 hours of learning time 
  • Finish their three months of internship deliverables
  • Complete the necessary 10 days volunteership
  • Fulfill individual course assessment criteria


Assessment criteria

IGP believes and supports a student’s choice and judgement in their education and intends to engage them as partners building their own learning journeys. However, in order to ensure maximum learning output and enable students to see not only success but a chance to synthesise learning a simple yet flexible assessment system has been put in place. Students are invited to discuss any of all of the above points and the rationale for the same to build better understanding of the course.

  • Each course will have  a separate evaluation criteria and will carry a credit 
  • In order to finish the course a student will need to attain all 8 credits for GYLP + 6 credits for internship + 2 credits for volunteering – a total of 16 credits
  • In case a course instructor does not have an assessment build into the course, a assessment shall be conducted by IGP to award the credit to the students
  • A student may earn more credits by doing online courses being offered at IGP or achieving ranks in other IGP events. Those credits shall be considered toward course completion and to award additional rewards to the students including but not limited to RU scholarship. IGP merchandise, LOR etc.
  • IGP or the course expert shall take the final call to determine whether or not a student has been successful at a course

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