Ramayana Navaham

In collaboration with the Heritage and IndicA

 The journey to the Ramayana Navaham begins now. Join us now!

We invite you to share your art, dance, photographs, writing and thoughts related to Ramayana.

Competitions on Ramayana

Animals, birds, trees, plants, rivers, mountains and all nature play a major role in the Ramayana, with vivid descriptions. Share with us details of any aspect of nature mentioned in Ramayana that exists today for example the course, extent of River Sarayu or the precious squirrels that helped build Rama Setu.

Share your photographs of places related to the journey of Rama, Lakshmana & Sita in the Ramayana. From Ayodhya to Sri Lanka traversing through verdant forests, on the banks of rivers and over hills and through valleys or of temples and sculptures that embody the Ramayana.

Varied genres of visual art based on the Ramayana have populated the walls of palaces, museums, homes down the ages and to date has evoked the artists brush to bring to life poignant scenes from the grand epic. Share sketches/ paintings in different styles and colours, reflecting the artists interpretation of the Ramayana.

Valmiki’s writings of 24,000 verses has created an immortal epic the Ramayana. Till today it inspires poets. Share your poems based on the Ramayana in any language.

The Ramayana an epic filled with drama and bhava has been the source for many dance performances across the world. Share your favourite dance based on Rama, Sita or any scene from the Ramayana. Record a video individual or group in any form of classical or folk dance.

Valmiki’s Ramayana is the oldest and first narration of Rama’s story and has inspired scores of writers to re-create the Ramayana in their own words. Even in contemporary times, the Ramayana has been a source for authors to draw from. Share your favourite lines from your literary work and writings based on the Ramayana.

Give a Musical Offering. Sing a song on Lord Rama or any other Divinity from the Ramayan that has brought joy to you. Record audio or video of any song either voice or on an instrument, individual or group.

Ramayan has so many characters with unique and important roles. Share with us a few lines about your favourite character and ways he/ she has inspired you in your life.

Let the rhythm guide us step by step towards Rama. Let our minds visualise the Vanaras through your rhythm and beats or Konukol. Share audio/video individual or group in any form of percussive arts / konukol.

Send your entries to namaste@igenplus.com or WhatsApp us at 8175 00105. Give us a background of the work & author’s name and when it was created. One selected work on nature per week will be posted on social media.

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