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An introduction to the story of a true statesman who not only had an extraordinary vision but also the brilliance to execute it – Chanakya. Chanakya is an enigmatic figure from ancient India. There is no complete information relating to his life, which leaves enough room for children to conduct their own research and present their varied perspectives & thoughts in a safe and receptive environment.


  1. To develop an understanding of the student-teacher relationship and enhance its importance in modern life
  2. To foster creativity by conducting independent and collaborative research
  3. To give children a platform to students to present interpretations, views, and thoughts 
  4. To inculcate heritage knowledge with contemporary skills through analysis, research, and deliberation



The one-time fee for the whole course

would be Rs. 5000/-


9 Days

Date & Time

24th Aug- 12th Sept’20
 (3 weeks, 3 days per week)


Toral Shah

(Educator, Children’s author, Storyteller)


Online-interactive course for

children aged 10-14 years


Toral Shah

An MBA graduate from Mumbai University, Toral Shah is leading a couple of educational institutions in Hyderabad. Toral strongly believes that children should enjoy learning and employs a variety of innovative teaching methods to make it fun for her students.  Recognizing that children need an open platform to voice their ideas and perspectives, she designed CHANAKYA, to foster creativity in students and to inspire them with the story of a legendary teacher who put the welfare of his people first and, along with his students, built one of the first and most powerful empires in the Indian subcontinent.

Key Takeways

Case study analysis and problem-solving

Students will individually and collaboratively analyze various case studies, and analyze Chanakya’s teachings and strategies to devise a solution.

Simulation exercise

While students take on different roles to simulate
various situations, they will think, question, make
decisions, learn empathy and establish conclusions.

Research and presentation

Students will prepare a biography on Chanakya by synthesising information from (a)class discussions, (b)independent research and (c) educated guessesand extrapolations based on available information. The biography will be presented, with students explaining and defending their views.


Students will analyze current/past issues in
modern India and devise solutions based on Chanakya’s approach.

Course Outcomes

  • Case study & situational analysis 
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making abilities
  • Enhance empathetic values
  • Strengthen research and presentation skills
  • Learn writing a biography from scratch
  • Narration and communication skills
  • Solution building for modern Indian issues based on Chanakya’s approach
  • Dialogue writing and debating

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