11 October, 2019


Mother ladles out green colored batter onto a sizzling flat big flat pan that reminds of a huge jellyfish. The center clump gurgles and splatters up extra moisture from the batter and projectiles to the sides. Then using the concave base of the ladle, my mother swirls the mixture from the center to the sides […]

11 October, 2019

When The Gods Arrive

Theyyam begins when God has arrived. An ancient ritualistic art form, Theyyam predates Hinduism and is derived from tribal animism. It is a possessed performance wherein the dancer attains a state of trance before the culmination of his performance. An exclusively male domain, Theyyam dancers are trained from their tender teenage years and disciplined in […]

9 October, 2019

Hyderabadi Biryani

The meat simmers away in a delectable concoction of spices. The delicate preparation requires the meat to be cooked until it just falls off the bone softly with no resistance. The fragrance envelopes entire gullies that have become used to this infusion of aromas early in the morning. The day hasn’t even broken into dawn […]

30 September, 2019

Gender Bender

Mother toils in the kitchen, wiping the sweat off her brow preparing hot meals for all of us. Three of us sit at the table awaiting food, while mom picks this, chops that and tastes this while adjusting salt in others. Then she would suddenly remember something and rush to the kitchen and lift the […]

10 September, 2019

Family – Your Parachute and Anchor

Do you often feel frustrated with your parents? Do you feel like they do not understand you? Do you think that it would be better if you just left everything and went away, doing your own stuff? Well, believe it or not, you are not alone. These questions are more common than you think and […]

5 September, 2019

Food – the Reason Behind Fire in Amazon Forest

In light of the recent Amazon fires, the world has again started talking about the meat as one of the main reason behind this destruction. Climate change, the future of our earth, and greenhouse gas emissions are some of the growing concerns since the last few decades. We have been talking about fossil fuels, single-use […]

15 August, 2019

Rooted And Free – Essay5

Ritul Basu, from Institute For Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal Being rooted and free is synergetic. A person who is rooted to his or her convictions is the one who is free in the truest sense. Freedom has no value unless we have some reasons or ideals to stick to. It is important for the […]

15 August, 2019

Rooted And Free – Essay4

Chitsa Khosla, from Summer Fields School, Delhi What is freedom? To be very fair, I will not be able to define freedom in a sentence as it means several different things to several different people. Even for me, it means a myriad of things. But I can describe what roots are to me a little […]

15 August, 2019

Rooted And Free – Essay3

Prakruthi Chari, from Sri Kumarans Children’s Home, Bangalore Language is made up of a set of alphabets and rules, but there is no end to the millions of words and sentences and stories that it creates. The rules do not restrict the language; without them, the language would not exist, would not make sense.   […]

15 August, 2019

Rooted And Free – Essay2

RG Sreeganesha, from D.A.V Senior Secondary School, Mogappair, Chennai ‘FREEDOM‘- A word with multiple interpretations, synonyms and examples. It is a topic often debated. “Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants“, says Oxford Dictionary. But can such a complicated and intriguing word be put into such a simple […]

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