Identifying the right leader


Not all great people are leaders! Not all good students know leadership!
The case study seeks to understand the values that students attribute to good leaders and the thinking associated to it. The conventional schooling has taught the students to stick to certain principles in living a life of their dreams, this might not always be true. This case study will help in analyzing one part of it through leadership lens, students will be allowed to think freely and to reflect upon their thinking.

Case Study Question

You are planning to set up your own startup and you have to select a CEO for your startup. Your
startup is a data analytics firm and your focus is on technical skills but you also need someone
with good leadership qualities. You shortlist two candidates with the same technical
qualifications and abilities, both have a proven career track record. Make your choice from the
below details on the two candidates:

1) Candidates A is a graduate from a Top B school with a background in Data science. She
started her career as a Data science manager in a consulting firm and received 2 promotions in a
short period of time. She has climbed up the ladder easily and managed to bring in new clients
with her exceptional technical skills. After a couple of years, she was assigned to handle a huge
overseas project with a team of 20 members. The team had people from different backgrounds
and they all were equally competent with a proven track record. Candidate A and her team did a
good job however, few of the members were not really happy in the team. The project was a
success despite of all this and Candidate A did achieve the project goals in time.
Candidate A is known to be Ambitious, Goal focused, Time bound and Practical by her team

2) Candidate B is a graduate from a Top B school and has a Data science background. He started
his career as an IT manager and moved up the ladder in a few years. He switched to a data firm
in a few years and worked at the senior management level. He was able to complete all project
within time and his team members are his greatest strength. He was able to keep all his team
together and took up a client project equally with his subordinates than heading the project single
handedly. This did create problems in in the initial stages but the project went off well.
Candidate B is known to be Benevolent, People Person, Caring and Ambitious by his team

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What And How To Submit

Step 1

Read and understand the case, choose one of the candidates and give your justification in simple words not exceeding 250 words.

Step 2

The justification should mention why you chose a particular candidate and not the other candidate.

Step 3

Submit the answer in word document by clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ link to upload the entries.

General Guidelines

1) Competition is open for students belonging to the age group 13-19 years from all over
2) The entries will be accepted through ONLINE mode only.
3) Participants need to register on the google form and upload the answer to the case study.
4) Students are requested to go through the case study attached and choose one of the options
and give explanation in not more than 250 words.
5) The answers should be uploaded in the google form in either Docx or PDF format.
6) Students won’t be judged on the basis of knowledge, but on the basis of unconventional
thinking and reflection.

7) All the answers should be sent before 14 th April 2020.

8) In case of any queries, write to us on- namaste@igenplus.com

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