6 May, 2019

The Power of Deep Thinking

What is the most popular activity in today’s times? Let us answer for you. It is Scrolling. People in our college, workspaces, metro, cafes, are found scrolling through their emails, through their social media feed, through interesting podcasts, Youtube videos, or something or the other. We consume so much data on such varied topics, that […]

6 May, 2019

Reasons not to miss Indic TeenFest 2019!

Indic Teen Fest is a first-of-its-kind educational platform where teens get once-in-a-lifetime exposure to different fields, learn from accomplished speakers, meet peers from all over the country, and discover their passion and career interests. Find all the details of speakers, workshops, activities, and more here. So, here are the reasons you should absolutely not miss […]

15 April, 2019

Traveling as a way of learning

Packing, airports, railway stations, that smell of a new city, hostel or hotel breakfasts, being touristy and getting lost in the foreign land. Traveling gives you all this and more! It is not an expenditure, but an investment; an investment in your dreams, your passion, your interests, YOUR DISCOVERY. No matter how much we mug […]

5 April, 2019

Are You Happy?

Happiness! What is Happiness? What makes you happy? The latest watch that you were gifted, or maybe your highest rank in academics, or the promotion you got last week, or maybe your crush said a yes! But how long does it all help you sustain your happiness? How long before you trail away into things […]

5 April, 2018

5 WOW moments in the history of Indian Sports

Revisiting glorious moments bring smiles on our faces, energy to our spirits, and pride in our hearts. Today, on our #throwbackthursday listicle, here we are with a list of WOW moments in Indian Sports history, which were applauded by the entire world. These moments give us hope that any feat is achievable with dedication and […]

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