Are You Happy?

5 April, 2019

Happiness! What is Happiness? What makes you happy? The latest watch that you were gifted, or maybe your highest rank in academics, or the promotion you got last week, or maybe your crush said a yes! But how long does it all help you sustain your happiness? How long before you trail away into things that are still not sorted, or goals still not achieved? Well, here’s a secret learned from the wise sages: happiness is a state of mind. Most often, it isn’t tied to any people, places, circumstances, or events. It doesn’t mean that these factors don’t contribute or affect our happiness quotient in our day-to-day lives. They do, but these cant have control over us for long if we don’t let them.

Well, let’s not talk about any lofty ideas about what wise sages said. Teenagers can shoot our ideas down with “But you don’t understand our problems well.” And that, we don’t want to be a part of. So let’s go the teens’ way.

The adolescent age with changing hormones and dynamics is tricky to understand. This often causes in teenagers a major emotion of unhappiness, and they seek different ways to either escape or challenge it. But the time of adolescence is as an essential development into independence, characterized by passion, social engagement with peers, novelty seeking, and creativity. So instead of dreading this time, one ought to cultivate it. When one understands the significance of this time, s/he also see that they can be natural innovators. While this process can feel challenging, it is up and foremost exciting. It cant be stressed enough that discovering one’s passions and interests is the key to happiness.

As exciting as the unknown is, it can leave the adolescents insecure. We understand that one word, one glance, the smallest omission by a peer can cause a day of obsession. In times like these, one should be reminded of his/her positive qualities, maybe talk to the people who know them better, and see the good in them. Form your circle of happiness with them. Spend more and more time with your loved ones, and try to communicate. Reports show that screen activities are correlated with less happiness while non-screen activities are correlated with more happiness. While we know that everything is becoming a screen activity, but creating a balance could be the way to happiness. Gen Z, make a choice. Make a choice to be happy, to self-care and to be communicative.

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