Amika George (Teenspiration)

8 July, 2020

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A person of Indian origin, Amika’s blood boiled when she heard that young women were forced to miss school because of their periods and that there was a lack of access to sanitary products even in this day and age. It all began when Amika George accidentally came across a BBC report about young women who were compelled to miss school because they didn’t have access to period products. Amika claims that she felt utterly unjust and angry. She remarked that periods were not something she or any woman opted into. Frustrated that nothing was being done to help these girls, Amika decided to take action herself. So, she founded Free Periods with the goal of ending period poverty in the UK.

First she created a petition that called on the UK government to provide free menstrual products in schools around the country. Her action led the UK Parliament to promise one and half million pounds in the year 2018. However, she was not satisfied with the amount set aside and realised that her goal was to eradicate the taboo around periods and ending period poverty was only one of the short term goals to address the monstrosity of the problem that stood before her. While pursuing history from Cambridge University simultaneously, she has continued to campaign for the cause of #FreePeriods till date.