Our Vision

We envision our schooling to move from educating for a career to preparing for life.

We believe children should build their future dreams fusing the universal principles and values from our ancient wisdom with contemporary insights.

Our Strategy

Through our PLUS strategy:-

We enable our children to discover their aptitude and passion, build on their creative skills, expose them to eminent thought leaders, nurture them to become non-linear and trans-disciplinary thinkers and immerse them in cultural experiences.

We train them to become inclusive, pluralistic and socially responsible leaders ready to deal with the challenges of the future.

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Why IGenPlus ?


Our education system rigidly focuses on grades and academics, leaving little scope for holistic personality development. Right after grade 10, and then after grade 12, students and parents have to make important decisions about the stream, college and course.



Unaware of their interests and the scope of the respective fields, they make a choice on popular opinions and judgments. Without deep conversations, exposure and experiences, they are expected to be successful, to behave well, and put up a confident foot, when already it’s a bit overwhelming for them to understand teenage and everything that comes with it. 

That’s where the role of IGenPlus comes. IGenPlus nurtures a community of adolescents in the 13 to 18 years of age bracket, and prepare them for t heir life ahead. Through exciting workshops, speaker sessions, activities and events, we develop their personality and expose them to new possibilities and abilities to make informed future life decisions about their career and personal life. We tap the young, raw energy of teens, and channelize it to a path of more productivity, confidence and growth .

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